Launched May 1st, 2009 with a tentative start... this blog evolved into a space to bring things I'm curious about or fascinated with whilst adapting to life in a new city, a new direction with my work and in the online realm. Early on postings were frequent and wide-ranging in focus. Attention slowly spread to new online engagements as ideas developed and formats trialled to extend those ideas. However, this blog has always remained at the centre of all that followed ...the conversations, journeys and glimpses into creative worlds generated here have long enriched my days beyond all imagining and I return always to pick up the thread with gratitude for the experience and for those who've passed through, perhaps joined up or stopped to converse!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Like this!


I. M. Possible ;-)
found via Ralf Bohnenkamp tumblr

succinctadjectivewhat is your succinct appraisal of our situation? concise, short (and sweet), brief, compact, condensed,crisp, laconic, terse, to the point, pithy, epigrammatic, synoptic, gnomic; formal compendious.


roz said...

ahhhh Sophie
succint has become my new fave word
everytime i open my mouth , out it pops..
and i hope i am being succinct when i say that!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Roz,
I await the day you bring your love of the succinct to bear on a blog or similar! Think it would be smashing!

Wonderful travelling... and thanks for that great link!