Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm with you frankie!

If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It's a conflict between what's practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question?

Amanda Hvidrass

Name: Amanda Hvidrass
Age: 12
Location: Denmark
Occupation: Student
  • my diary
  • a picture of me and my sister
  • my favorite wristwatch
  • my dog, who unfortunately couldn’t join in the picture
  • one of my favorite cd’s, nirvana - nevermind
  • my converse
  • my little box with my outcome skate teeth
  • my cell phone
  • ray ban sunglasses
  • my favorite book of all time, the pillars of the earth
  • and at the end, my campers (the shoes you see down in the bottom of the picture)

Yongki Hermawan

Name: Yongki Hermawan
Age: 30
Location: Jakarta. Indonesia
Occupation: Photographer
  • Tricycle from 70s ( Bridgestone picnica )
  • Lubitel 166 camera
  • 120 film
  • ipod
  • sarong for pray
  • blue sweater
  • pink t-shirt
  • spoon and fork
  • casio baby-G
  • vintage glasses
  • ID ( not pictured )
  • handphone ( not pictured )

Frankie Anderson

Name: Frankie Anderson
Age: 29
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation: Administrator
  • I wondered around my house, looking at the ornaments and memories that filled it.  I collected a few things, even photographed them.  But somehow they didn’t seem to fit together. And then I looked down, at my feet, and realized that all I needed or wanted to ‘save’ from the burning house was me.

All these posts above were from this tumblr below...

If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It's a conflict between what's practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question...

well... the truth for me is this happened to me in 2000. I was home & it was 11pm...ABC radio was playing the news and I got a rap on the door... "Sophie... fire!"
Well I was painting so i didn't rush. I put my brush down and thought about this...  oh someone has burnt that Risotto I made for dinner.
"Sophie ...Fire!" came the call, more urgent than before... and I got up and looked out the door and smelt the unmistakable smell then saw the back of the house burning.
We shouted the details...yes... Jodie had rung the fire brigade... yes, Carlos was fine... "the neighbours!" I said... "our houses are SO CLOSE!" 
I ran to the neighbours either side and introduced myself. I'd been living in this house less that three weeks.
They thanked me and as I walked back to my house I thought... yes... these houses could all go!
I stood motionless in my bedroom for a long moment and looked at all the items I had been lovingly unpacking of late and finding places for.
What do i take I thought?
I went to the door and looked up the back of the house again... more yelling to each other... the front of the house was OK just at that time... But we didn't want to risk staying to take stuff out so I raced back into my room and grabbed my was winter... my bag ... making sure my keys, wallet, diary and everyday essentials were there. I took no clothes, precious objects, a life time of journals, books or pictures.

I went and sat in my car which was safely away from the house and the tears rolled. It had been a tough couple of years. I suddenly realised I had survived everything that had been thrown at me in the previous few years... and that I didnt need my stuff... it was "stuff"... I was intact... no-none was hurt and that really was all that mattered.

Tonight this amazing tumblr blog immediately brought back all those memories. I looked at the beautifully curated collections that people had assembled ... fantasies perhaps of what they'd take...or imagined they'd want to take. Who knows... maybe some people are just so clear-minded they can work out in the moment what to grab. For me it was really a case of ... is everyone fine? I recall the others were like this too.

I went back the next day having told myself it really was OK to lose it all. We'd watched the house burn for hours before I'd gone to stay at a friend's place nearby.

Imagine my surprise in the morning to find I had not lost a single thing in that fire. The other two weren't so lucky. Why I dont know. That's always remained an absolute mystery to me... how I managed to pull things I owned, intact, out of the kitchen where Jody's things had burned and melted. She was weeks away from leaving to go join her husband overseas.

I know some people have things collected in a safe ready to grab in case of fire. If one lived in a bushfire zone this would make so much sense.

So now you know why I'm "with" Frankie...!
Anyone been tested in similar circumstances???

... hope your week ahead is a good one all! Look after yourself and those around you!
S x

PS a huge thank you to the lovely people who have contacted me with kind support ... donations, various ideas and suggestions, and great offers to help at the event coming up!

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iNd!@nA said...

i was in the 1983 fires
and came away with my dog.

Annette said...

Hiya, I'm with you and Frankie.... why.... after 18mths (some 2 yrs ago now) of trauma with 2 serious illnesses (myself) and then death of my dad... what matters is 'me' and 'mine' (husband & children).... material items are not worth dying for..

Sophie Munns said...

that was such a sad time...I still remember hearing about those fires and being dumb-struck.
What a memory to carry with you!

it is curious how we feel so concerned about the stuff... and then... like you say... certain things come along and shake us to the core... when pushed to the edge we see things in new ways.... thanks so much for your message...
my best to you,
S x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous writing. And a very to the point story. I would take my family. And my wallet and keys. The rest is all replaceable.

Good message Sophie!

Sophie Munns said...

hi Mary...
the irreplaceable...exactly.
funny how stories get triggered. This tumblr got to me!