Friday, August 26, 2011

I wonder where i found this?

Hello Owl !
I wonder where I found this... ?

Take a look at that owl ... Im wondering if anyone knows who's studio this is from?

I was so inspired by this post from another southern hemisphere destination that I wrote this post to say so and along the way found some great shots of this industrious woman's work ... so had to add them to my post. Do go see ... you'll be very pleased if you haven't already discovered the mystery person... she's a bit of a wise owl I think... Love this owl and love this capacity of hers to weave webs of connections from her passion for the creative process and its wondrous and varied manifestions!
Bravo to out friend ... !

Before I head off ...

... I have another story to share .... today I popped into Brewbakers, my local to-die-for artisan bakery/cafe that produces the best sourdough breads, bagels and more. 

Note the way there's a roller door between the baker's workspace and the public... when its warm... or in this part of the globe... outrageously hot ... the roller door is up and one can sit with one's coffee and bagel taking in the process ... and catching the aroma as well!  It would make a good studio too! 

sourdough donuts with handmade berry
puree - forget the mass-produced jam!

I wrote about them here at this Studio blog post last month to announce their support of my project and the up-coming trip to the U.K.

The story I wanted to share came from Caroline ... she and Richard, he the artisan baker, together own this business.

This week a customer told her that whilst overseas for work they had been trawling blogs and came across a story about an artist where they suddenly noticed a reference to a fav local bakery/cafe back in Brisbane. Looks like she had been visiting the wonderful Mary Zeran who quite recently posted on my UK trip & project... including material that referred to the support I had received from Brewbakers.

The woman was quite amazed ... and curious to say the least... and made a point of telling Caroline who was also surprised and delighted. Who'd have thought?

Well  ... we bloggers know its a small world and you never know when your path will cross another's.... where orbits will intersect. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and do go visit the Owl post wont you! And Mary's!

If you're in this fair city ... well you  know where I'll be sipping coffee!
S x


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Anonymous said...

The story about the blog reader,and the bread astounded me! What a lovely story. You never know who is listening and what will happen. I also have been "jonesing" for some good sourdough. We don't have that in Iowa. As for Robyn's work? I love it. I wish I could have a door for my home. That would be heaven. Congrats on having your work featured on her blog. I hadn't seen that one before. It is divine!

Valerianna said...

OH I love Robyn and ArtPropelled... nice article on your other blog, I just joined that one, too.. I look forward to perusing that one! Blessings, off to prepare for a big hurricane coming my way..... yikes!

Sophie Munns said...

It was quite amazing indeed Mary.
i thought it worth sharing for several reasons... one is that of late i have wondered if i would get too busy to blog and so what would i do about that...not so much the making of a post here and can cheat and keep that simple...but blog is to reciprocate... to discover, to explore, to chance upon.
tumblr, though it leads one to some remarkable finds and can be need for much time...
it brings none of the deeper engagements that make things possible this coincidence.
you wrote that post because you have taken the time to know me and understand what it is i am doing...
the spaciousness of connection is what the blog can foster...its interesting to remember that.
glad you liked the post on Robyn... a door sounds wonderful.
x S

Sophie Munns said...

delighted you found the post and thanks for the follow!
I started writing on Robyn's work and found myself taken over by the need to elaborate on the quality of engagement she brings to others...and then those images.
hope the fury to the hurricane does not come close to you and your garden world...
LOVED your post6 this morning!

nathalie et cetera said...

mmmm! that bakery is dreamy!!! love the openness! And great link too! Superb work!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nathalie...
I'm sure living in Montreal you have wonderful bakeries to choose from... here we are very grateful for this one... quite rare in these parts!
I think it would be wonderful to have a bloggers breakfast at Brewbakers...
I'll put you on the list and now... to find out about time travel!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Good luck with your sale, Sophie! It's so wonderful that you have been invited to do this residency! More later....