Monday, August 8, 2011

navigating the new... fonts, fund-raising and fence-painting!

Venus over the moon

what's this all about?
If you pop over to my studio archives blog you will get to read
what's going on and see the font fun I've been having. I've even installed a comments box after 2 years without.

Well... maybe I'll feel compelled to change it... I really quite like it... it feels just right for a studio blog ... recalling the studio surfaces with bits of paper lying around with scrawls on them... hundreds of its of paper lying around with scrawled notes!

If you don't have much time then pop over there later and simply note the images/text below... they tell the story!

                   (and isn't the boat on a sea of oil divine?)

click to read larger version!

I have been taking lots of photos lately of my favourite Brisbane cafe ... also an wonderful artisan Bakery... why you ask? 

Well... not only is it a much-loved community hub with bread to sing about... but its been from the very first a place I felt instantly at home in, so much so that early on I nabbed a job there for a few hours a week, had a lot of laughs, learnt to make good coffee and much else in the process. I found a gallery nearby and thus began a curious succession of meetings which landed me at the Botanic Gardens and then a couple of months ago just to top of a very sweet association (which included teaching their daughter and her friends) they came forward and said they would like to help me get on my way to the 
Millennium Seed Bank for my residency and research trip in the UK.

I was so touched... thinking every little bit counts. 

But... no this was most definitely NOT a small gesture... I was blown away to realise they were offering to, and have become, major donors in the program I was approved for a couple of weeks ago with the AUSTRALIA CULTURAL FUND set up by ABAF - the Australian Business Arts Foundation. The generosity of their vote of confidence in my project has lead to a while series of things being able to be put in place to ensure the trip happens.

click to see larger version

I've already included images of this wonderful business born out passion for a timely artisanal practice... and... as I discuss in my 'Homage to the Seed' presentation slideshow... we've had cultivated wheat for about 10,000 years and baking bread is and has always been at the centre of a community.
Given my project has a strong ethnobotanical focus with a love of ancient cultures and perrennial things... this is such a fitting
boon for me...I am indeed delighted and profoundly grateful!

You can read more on the project here at the ACF website page and here at my studio blog!!

Should any of you have any bright ideas or wish to share this story further that would be wonderful. I have about 7 weeks to draw together the target funds to make the trip a success. Support comes in so many ways... thats the beauty of it!

A London accomodation contact would be marvellous... if anyone knows someone who takes short-term lodgers I thought that might be an exciting alternative to the usual hotel scenario that's in my budget. I have my eys on a couple of places to stay but have held off booking in case!

I also have a wonderful event in planning right now that you can attend if you live in this region...

BUT can I acknowledge the tremendous moral support I have received already from some who visit here ...bloggers are incredible people and I've had messages sent to me that have been a huge boost.
I'm keeping note of all this and will be posting on it at another time!
If I haven't been visiting people much of late there's been so much on and I do apologise. I dont want to neglect this community ... so many times, when feeling stuck, lost, down or whatever... someone will visit and they will offer words unknowingly that make all the difference.

Have a great week everyone!


Fern said...

Couple suggestions from a readability perspective...

Your type face is cute, but I recommend you use something that has lower case letters. All caps is hard to read, and the nature of the type face exaggerates that.

Also - a little more line-spacing on your poster would make it way easier to read. This is particularly true of the first main paragraph - looks like you trying to get as much text onto the poster as possible, but you would be better off reducing the font size and increasing line spacing.

Valerianna said...

Do you know about the online fundraising service called indiegogo? A friend of mine just raised a few thousand dollars to go on an art research trip. She did it in a month or so. You might know of this, if not, here's

good luck!

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for writing Fern!
Possibly that font will last a week and i'll be over it... it only comes in capitals!
I guess that blog being the oft-forgotten one in the family meant I was looking at how to make it different.. and to see if anyone would visit and comment.
So... this will be fun! Somehow I think I may get more similar comments... the question will be ... will anyone read what it says?

I have to admit that poster will be redone...I grabbed it last night to simply tell the story... I was in a rush and it was actually put together in a great hurry for a recent launch .
It has text that needs changing so is definitely on my list I promise you!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Valerianna ...

BIG thank you for sharing that info... have had references to something similar recently from lovely bloggers... will definitely look into this on hearing it worked so well!
delighted you took the time - thanks

iNd!@nA said...

here's another 'crowdfunding' site Sophie
might be worth checking out

Sophie Munns said...

fabulous India...
its great to have these suggestions come in and know where to find them ... instead of lost in my 'in-box'.
Think I was reading about people getting films up this way.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! And Whoopiti Do! You are doing so well. It is so exciting to see your success and the Cultural Fund is amazing! Now to the other blog.

marguerite scaife said...

Great coffee, cake and conversation at Brewbakers today, Sophie. I'll be back for more!

Sophie Munns said...

Hey Mary....
I had to laugh today... even my brother in Sydney commented about the font I've used on the other blog...
Thanks for you great message... I had an awful feeling today when I saw what was happening in London... anyway... bit of time between now and when I go!

it was the best spot to sit and get some sun and air....and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation!
I think we'd be surprised how many creatives gather there actually... keep discovering people who do wonderful things and habituate the place when they can!
ps... they should do the census on cafes like this one!

Velma said...

well, i would love to come to your studio sale...BUT perhaps next year (i know, too late for your trip) when i visit australia. kickstarter seems very good--i've helped friends that way.