Monday, August 22, 2011

tumblring on a monday morning...

When I found this tumblr:

Two Black Sheds by David Salmela
A brilliant design that exploits the ashes of fire to create interest, rather than something that needs to be cleaned.

interior design with a twist.....and sometimes an olive.

I. I liked the images
2. I liked the format


i tested it on my tumblr: seed capsules and i decided to experiment.

If you click on those large titles you will go to the tumblr sites i have set up...the first back in January... the other one on the weekend simply as a place to archive the images of my work that find their way on to tumblr here and there.

keeping place for visual and other ideas for visual artist

:    S O P H  I E M U NNS
view work from the studio of sophie munns.
click on each image to see larger version.

about the Lone Arranger... this is what was on their website:


erin ellwoood

The creation of The Lone Arranger was born out of the realization that I’d been happily doing this service free of charge for my friends most of my life. I would rearrange a room at their request (well, usually at their request), help them choose paint colors and furniture, rugs and fabrics, and kindly inform them of what they needed to get rid of. (I’ve been known to take a couch or two out to the curb.)
Then I met the fabulously gifted artist and designer René Norman. Turns out, she had been doing the same thing for most of her life too. She lives in Austin, Texas. I live in Ojai, California. So, we decided to do the same thing in different states (both physically and consciously).
Our desire is to appeal to the demographic of people who might never have the courage or the finances to call an “Interior Designer”… the title alone can be intimidating. One thinks of retainer fees, and thousands and thousands of dollars flying out of freshly painted windows.
We want to be more approachable and fun. We consider ourselves “Spatial Therapists” more than “Interior Designers”. Due to our many combined years of art and design experience, we can usually turn a room around (for the better) in a couple of hours with the help of the client.
The Lone Arranger offers spatial therapy for everything from a “Quick Fix Space-Lift”  to an “Uber Space-Lift”. No job is too big or too small for us. We have worked together and separately on many small, medium and large scale remodels and projects.
Your turn René…

rené norman

Ditto……I’ll have what she’s having.


Anonymous said...

As a late adopter to tumblr, I am hooked...

I am sooo off to see yours ..

Sophie Munns said...

Ditto grrl!
Its pretty appealing I agree!
Love that you can spend 5 mins there and find something inspiring and off to something else!
nice to have you pop in!

La Dolce Vita said...

oh my... oh my.... ditto that for me too... such a terrible addiction all this inspiration ... and such great pals on tumblr... xx

Sophie Munns said...

Great to see you over at tumblr too my friend.
Its a fascinating place for a visual picnic !

nathalie et cetera said...

i still want to live in your tumblr!

Sophie Munns said...

Ah... that's a hoot Nathalie...
I see a lot of destinations whilst tumblring I'd love to dive into!
Alluring indeed!

em said...

wow, i love the lonearrangers! maybe they can come fix my place! i also thought that the new tumbler photo arrangements really suit your blogs. i see one work that appears to be different colors of fish roe? what is that? is it a photo or painting? intriguing!

Sophie Munns said...

Love the lone-rangers too! Your place looks pretty cool to me Em... but with their eye... well anything is possible!

The caviar looking substance is the inside of an australian native - the finger lime. Unlike most citrus who have that structure of segment the finger lime has an external thin skin holding these spectacular globules of juice. Since European Settlement we have largely ignored what foods were available here... this one has taken off globally because of its spectacular appearance as well as taste!

Food bling!

As for that particular tumblr format it does show if images well... I'd love to see your garden images in a similar one!