Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sound advice from Myrtle St Studio

Jay Dee Dearness runs Myrtle St Studio at the Grange in Brisbane which concentrates on the production and exhibition of

  • Printmaking/Graphic Art/Illustration/Drawing/Textile Art
  • Photography
  • Book Arts/Limited Editions/Small Fine Press/Artist Books/Zines
  • Paper and Fibre Sculpture/Installations

Jay Dee has posted some great advice for anyone dealing with water damage of valuable paper items. Click on sub-heading Flood tips below to go straight her post.

Flood tips for Queensland Artists, Collectors and General Public

JANUARY 13, 2011
Some of the most important possessions in a home are paper-based – photographs, historical documents, certificates, artworks and the list goes on.  Some of these items may not have been digitized and may be irreplaceable.  If you are someone who is possibly going to be salvaging a flood devastated home in the coming weeks, I’ve quickly put together some information which may be of assistance.

You can read an earlier post I did on Myrtle St Studio here....from December.

The images below are from one of my favourite places in Brisbane...the Qld State library which I posted on here. This wonderful reading room looks straight over a very peaceful looking river.  Jay Dee mentioned in her post about flooding at the State Library. As a much loved public building always filled with international students, families, old and young, many will be keen to know their library is OK.




Call out to artists:
ATTENTION brisbane-based ARTISTS
Thank you for your spirited offer to volunteer your skills. There have been a number of generous offers to entertain the people accessing the evacuation centres over the past few days. Please be aware that the evacuation centres are run by The Red Cross and a number of other not-for-profit, non government organisations who are coordinating a diverse range of logistics and issues.

In order to prevent additional stress to those accessing and running this centre Brisbane City Council’s Creative Communities team are creating a schedule of creative programs to ensure there is an even balance of activities. We already have a number of acts and workshops scheduled but we are taking a list of artists who could volunteer for the next week – whether in an evac. centre or at other similar events/centres for those affected by the floods. 

If you are still keen to assist us in the coming weeks over the clean up period we would love to have your details so we can contact you if you are required. Please complete the below form and return to  HYPERLINK " mailto :" 

This was one of several call outs that came by email last night from various community sectors. Lots of community initiative is coming from everywhere. I was told 8,000 people turned up at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens this morning ready to volunteer. Buses were on site to ferry people to flood recovery areas needing help... there was a bus shortage!!! This morning's Australian newspaper carried a one page letter asking people to think down the track... to consider buying from Queensland businesses 

and coming here as a tourist. The same newspaper ran stories on the Brazil situation with deluges and landslides -many killed and vast numbers homeless. Sri Lanka has over a million homeless from floods. The question in Sri Lanka is where will the money come from to rebuild. Sobering and important question. Every loss here is honoured. They are not anonymous losses ... nor should they be. We live in a large continent with a small population ... Sri Lanka is a small place with a huge population. How are losses tracked and people sustained with those odds?

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