Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 interrupted... but not for long!

I just started to get back into routine with painting before I headed off down the coast a week ago. I prepared these canvases as dyptich panels for ease of transporting ... keen to do some larger works. Ive not been to the studio since returning Monday night basically because flooding had started on Tuesday and its now cut off for the next few days anyway!

Something about the new year made me get stuck in to several works at once without much preplanning.... wanting to see where I was led! Its seems peculiar to show such foetal work ... but in a way it will be interesting having done so... to see where they go! 

Prepared canvases

thinking/feeling my way into these works ...slowly unfolding work...playing around with space in this one... at the same time working with 'busyness' in parts...

gewtting started with the underpainting ...much more to come!

looking awkward and very unfinished... may not be evident...but ...

this close-up of an area shows the beginnings of a skeleton layer - in red oxide colour - being added over the top of the existing layer... this obsession with layering is something I restlessly play with ... hard to know where it wil take me...but its important to go on the journey anyway

It seemed like a god idea to add something to the blog tonight that was not all about floods. Its been hard to think of little else.... but wont be long before I pick up the brushes again!
S x


novembergrass said...

Great scale and colors. Hope you can get back to them soon. Stay safe, Sue

Anonymous said...

I think I love process shots the most. It is like a history or geneology. Anyway, I am excited to see how these progress.


Ro Bruhn said...

I love seeing the development of your canvases Sophie and I love where they are heading, your designs are fabulous. I could see this as a wonderful piece of fabric.

Anonymous said...

the studio is on high ground... so that was v good to know. thanks for your well wishes!

geneology ...yes... its such a fascinating process....sometimes I have this desire to work very minimally have large, free, brushy things happening on the know ... one has to be true to the impulse... Im not trying to recreate others people's works... things that, as much as Im drawn to those kind of works, are not part of my inner impulse... and when the impulse is into maximalism, busy-ness... whatever one would call it... I find myself having to follow that impulse... and push it somewhere its trying to go.
Strange that... its never about control and preconceived images.
Sometimes I think people read the works as being very controlled... for me...a loose, brushy minimal canvas would be far more controlled... these works are trying to get at something of an inner truth about hidden structures. Its quite illusive...
And the image of that is not "seen", but sensed... its a mystery! I never know if the paintings will work...they dont have a pre-ordained format or formula!
Where will they go...?!

maybe others see where they are heading better than me... the fabric idea surfaces with some of my work...and certainly some early fabric work gave me a sense of constructing a field that was layered and not on one plane....lovely to have your thoughts,

Robyn said...

I love your painting Sophie... I'm a big fan of layers... the depth and mystery that they create.

I haven't painted for a long while and I'm itching to do it again.
I don't have a work space anymore, but am hoping to organise something this year.

The floods are very sad and I really appreciate you sharing a view from where you are.
I'm very happy that you are safe and and in the wonderful position to be able to help others.

Keep painting Sophie... it's a great way to spread joy.

x Robyn

Sharmon Davidson said...

I love seeing the creative evolution of a piece of art- it fascinates me to see work in progress. I hope you'll keep posting photos as your go along. The patterns on that last one are wonderful!

Sanne said...

o wow, i love these!! so nice to see how it is build up, this work immediately gets me, i don's know if i say it right, but i love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling pleased to have put up the initial stage of the work after such lovely comments from various ones.
And from you!
I hope you do get your space set up and find opportunity to get into painting again. Im glad you reminded me that painting can spread joy and ones view is worth sharing!
Ive spent hours trying to sort through the debris of my home studio/office... so that I can feel like working again... your encouragement is most timely... its felt like climbing a mountain today gearing up for this year.
S x

I do like to see other's work evolving... somehow when its your work you can most often only feel the tension... not that outside view! So encouraging...your very kind..Ill come back when there's more to show.... god to know the last one has something...

Im terribly happy with how you say what you said..its a wonderful message. Im happy!

Thanks all the wonderful souls who popped in over the day... the new year hesitation needs a kick to clear away... you've helped enormously... Gracias!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work (as ever) and it's always fascinating to see work-in-progress. The densely patterned red oxide and turquoise layered piece is wonderful - it's positively runic!

It's been very sad to hear and read about the floods. I'm glad to find here though that you are safe, and I wish you (and everyone in the affected areas) well.

P.S. Your new bike is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Your 'runic' reference is interesting... love symbols...was very fascinated to research on them about 20 years ago for a few years. It is great to have fresh eyes seeing what is trying to emerge form the depths of one's studio....
most appreciated!
The huge recovery has started here and al over Qld although towns are still inundated and possibly more will be before its over.
Your well wishes are gratefuly received.
ps love my new bike..those images of snow all over your had an impact...i was inspired! Not that I imagine there will ever be snow on my bike!!!

Lisa said...

Sorry to say yummy to those new paintings but I do have to say it, yes, yummy. I really like the blue one and the space within it. Great idea to break it down in size as dyptich. Hope you are well. I have been thinking of you with all the flooding.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy with 'yummy' Lisa.... its works well for me... it is interesting to have the feedback before I put more time into these works...letting them sit while I muse...
and thank you for sending thoughts. A friend and I were taslking this morning about guilt when one is fine... but then I remind myself there have been a few times over the years that one found one's life tipped upside down ... like my housefire etc etc What matters I reckon is what we offer not that we were lucky!