Monday, January 17, 2011

colour and light .... a celebration of life!

Just tidying up my emails -  a New Year's effort - and was reminded of colourful Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes when I found a blog post I'd saved here from Motifs by Thomas Golsenne. He posts in french but you could translate the article via google or view the images. I also posted on this artist last year here on my own blog.

Milhazes Fondation Cartier vitres
Samambaia, Casa de Baile (vitres) et Milk Mel (2008), Paris Fondation Catier

These works interplay wonderfully with colour and light - depending on time of day. I'd rather like to experiment with this possibility given the right space. Kids try this out with coloured cellophane... taking it a step further would be rather interesting..... Im thinking also layered panels of glass too!  Milzhaze' work above remind me of Matisse's windows shown below:

Henri matisse - Rosaire Chapel windows, St Paul de Vence, France, 1951

You can read more on the Matisse artworks for this chapel here at Wiki which links to other sites too.

You can view this interview from last year here:  

Kandinsky Milhazes

Kandinsky, Quelques cercles, 1926 / Milhazes, Sinfonia Nordestina

Brazil is in our thoughts today ... the deluge and landslides have brought great losses to this country.


Mlle Paradis said...

oh wow! i love all this! a little tired tonite, so a quick one sophie. i know it will take a long time for things to return to "normal" in brisbane and elsewhere. people do rally round for each other, though and that can be very comforting.

as i said last week: a lousy way to start a new year! xo!

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly MP...its the fact of the people rallying around that can make all the difference. When people rally it seems to remind us life sends these tests... they come in many forms ... its universal.
And we are not alone in that suffering!
Thought some colour and light would be good after all the brown of late ... its a new week.

em said...

hi sophie, sorry i've been so out of the loop! but what a nice way to re-enter with the glorious colors of matisse, et. al. what do i do in the winter when i'm not gardening? usually i'm out with the dogs hiking, or cross country skiing. but not this year! we all have this terrible chest cold that lasts for more than a month! i've had it almost 3 weeks and am just starting to feel a bit better. i am so behind on commenting! hopefully i'll catch up soon. stay well...

Anonymous said...

Your photos made home look so stunning Em ....all that light looking snow so thickly and freshly fallen.
Sorry to hear about the chest cold...not good in such cold weather...and especially when you could be out skiing and hiking!
Hope you are much better soon Em!

Robyn said...

There's nothing like colour and light to lift the spirit.... life would be impossible without it.

Yes it is very sad what is happening in Brazil... or anywhere that is experiencing such loss... it's a little overwhelming.

take care and stay dry x

Anonymous said...

After a couple of months we now have plenty of colour and light.
Overwhelming indeed the stories that come from all over.. Reminds us to not take the most simple things for granted.
Thanks for visiting today... always good to hear from you!