Friday, January 14, 2011

a rather confusing image...


Incredible and confusing photo from the Queensland flood. 
image form the Qld flood found at sir mitchell

A really brief post today... I found this here at Mike Mitchell's Tumblr of Amazing Things this morning when trawling tumblr sites which is a new enthusiasm of mine that allows one to hop around viewing some fascinating imagery and such. 
To see what I have been up to visit   s e e d  c a p s u l e s   and also the           a r c h i v e  thats is gradually building with this tumblr blog.  I must admit to have spent quite a bit of time there earlier this week when feeling anxious about the flood... 'reading' images from all over. A most engaging activity in a most unsettling time.
Been out riding the bike this morning... much of yesterday was spent cleaning, sorting, clearing out papers and now working out what could be given to those whose need for things is greater than mine. A new year's tidy up is timely after the big wet...fresh air coming into the house... discovering missing things... making way for what's to come.
Even my car is at the doctor's getting maintenance... its that kind of day!
S x
ps thank you lovely visitors for leaving such warm messages...Im slow to respond... but I so appreciate the warmth of these connections


On a lighter note...  pure whimsy after a dark week .... just sent to me by a Brisbane friend:

The next local fashion trend perhaps....

High Tide Heels


Robyn said...

Love the high tide heels :)

Have a great day x

Anonymous said...

can you imagine wearing them Robyn?

Mlle Paradis said...

so glad you're o.k. s.!!!!! i'm sure there will be other amazing photos of the floods. as for the heels - canNOT imagine!

Anonymous said...

They are pretty wild those heels...
Sun is out ... the clear light of day now on the work to be done.
Thanks for popping in're a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Bahhhahahhahahha! I love shoes and these are HILARIOUS! Way to make lemonade you Aussies!

Anonymous said...

yes...hilarious Mary! Good bumping into you at Tumblr.
Love seeing people's archive pages...noting the common theme/s!

Sharmon Davidson said...

That is an interesting and confusing image- I like it, though. The shoes are marvelous; do you go swimming and then dancing, or dancing, and then swim home? I hope all is well with you; I feel just terrible for everyone there who have lost their homes.

Anonymous said...

We heard 8,000 people turned up this morning at one spot to help in the clean up. Last night I received email call-outs from artist networks and community garden networks for anyone interested in volunteering.
The creativity being unleashed is phenomenal.... its bringing a wave of fresh thinking and responsiveness that is quite affecting in a whole different and inspiring way.Im off to one of the activities in the morning.
Imagine if 2011 saw much more shared community activity and increasing nos of businesses found ways to work WITH community and sustainability whilst making a profit. We are poised to transform some of our more entrenched habits for the greater good ...
can you agine even managing to walk 10 paces in those shoes?
See you,

nathalie et cetera said...

Love the shoes!!!

I've been reading your latest posts. It is so sad. I see it in the news everyday. I hope things get better for you and the people of Brisbane very soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warm message Nathalie.
Its been very hard for some people here. I count myself very lucky and will be affected by what happens to the community, but not immediately with my home and such!
Its good that people are working together to make things improve however is possible.
best to you,

em said...

hi sophie, i am sorry to hear about the flooding and have been thinking of you... say, i love your new blog, seed capsules! so minimalist! so textured and evocative! just like a gallery, hung with art. and it's funny, right on the first page are some of my favorite images of yours from long ago (the pool and the tea cups.) i've been having some issues with blogger... is tumblr better? i'm bookmarking your new site! fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes...the favourites too Em I crave being in water these help! ... I must post more of them.

I think you would love tumblr... put it this way... its so easy to get started that there's no loss in having a go... and deciding down the track.
What I would miss about blogging is... interaction ...conversations that extend out and onto email from time to time and in real life meetings where possible. Its more likely to build a communication over time...via blogging.

Tumblr is like an art show... I find it really satisfying knowing some images I want to view again are there in archives ... its quite fast.... and when people can reblog what you have posted you get to see what the response is to some things. It can be good for a very busy person...but keep both going and see. Also linking blog and tumblr... brings new influences.

Thanks for the kind the sun has been out for days...damage done...its up there shining down as if it was never missing!
Have a good week and get better Em!