Friday, January 28, 2011

Q: what's somewhat architectural, capable of ballet-like moves, comes in wonderful colours and is translucent to boot?

A: a wobbling dessert otherwise known as a jelly.

who are these masters of the wobble you ask?

Las gelatinas de Sam Bompas, además de ser combinar arte y diseño, tienen la intención de hacer divertidos los desayunos (

The text from the Guardian's Word of Mouth Blog post on master jelly makers Bompas and Parr is a delight... perfect reading for a friday evening after a long week! There's nothing like whimsy to shift one's mood. I just have to quote bits from the post... 

Jelly clinic: how to deliver a quiver

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, the country's foremost jelly experts, are on hand today to introduce you to the magic and mystery of making jelly from scratch.

Jump straight in and post questions below, or read up on theiruniversal jelly principle, including a step-by-step guide and gelatine conversion chart first in preparation to unleash yourself on the world of jelly. When you're ready to go, try these recipes for a zingy lemonade jelly and stupendously striped clementine jellies
...Jelly is the ultimate party food, an animal-based dessert that predates Christ and was eaten by Henry VIII for both the first and second course of his 1521 Garter Banquet. Slap a jelly on your dinner table and guests will be hypnotized by its lewd wobbling and your kitchen prowess.The origins of jelly are shrouded in mystery, though one thing is clear - if you boil any collagen-rich meat and let the stock cool then you'll have a jelly. It would have tasted meaty even when sweet jellies became fashionable for the rich in the 16th century.
Yes, jellying today is ridiculously simple. But you must respect the jelly. Use the wrong ingredient or misjudge the gel strength and you'll be left with a sticky puddle. There's always the lurking danger of a jelly disaster.

Bompas Parr jelly
sex on the beach jelly

well thats a little more respectable!

the new look london

ok...any idea"

the clever duo! 
These last few pics were from a great site...  a must see called and of course you MUST visit the one and only jelly mongers!!!

I wonder if they met at art school?
Hope you enjoyed this lighter post... thought a change of tempo was in order. Have a good weekend all!


nathalie et cetera said...

what a great find! I love the ones in the tea cups!

Anonymous said...

A little departure for me... but who could resist Nathalie?
Its quite worthy of a chuckle and some ooohs and ahhhs ... but i also think of the amount of ingenuity involved ... the science and art in these concoctions!
Thanks for popping in!

Anonymous said...

This was really funny and cool!

Mlle Paradis said...

OF COURSE WE CALL IT JELL-O in the states, jelly is what we yanks put on our toast. and in the mid-century myriad crimes against nature and humanity were committed in the name of (usually creamy and often nutty) jell-o molds. but i do love the idea of eating and making more subtle and sophisticated but of course brightly colored jellies!

now if only mr. paradis could get on board...all that jelly shimmying gives him the shakes!

hope you're having a good wkend miss munns!

iNdi@na said...

quivering with delight

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it Mary... have you ever made a fancy jelly (jello?)

yes MP....of course jell-o! What a laugh!
There was a show I watched as a kid. Brian Keith was the dad...the girl's name was Buffy ...she had a brother and they had a butler and lived in an apartment in NY I think. Anyway the kids ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... so of course I had to try that. So when my mother was in another room one day I buttered some white bread, took red jelly from my plate of icecream and jelly, added the peanut butter and bit into it.
Quite nice I thought... rather odd... but wow...what else do they eat in america?
I could never get over the fact that kids were allowed to put this wobbly jelly on bread and tuck in!

So Mr P doesn't like the shimmying-ness of jelly... thats what I love! And the exquisiteness of one made from scratch with as you suggest subtle and sophisticated flavour combos!

Nice weekend Mlle P... thanks for asking... quite social
ta ta!
Miss M

Love the thought India...
thanks for popping over!

Robyn said...

the first word that came to my mind was... magnificent ;-)

... have been reading more than commenting of late x

Sophie Munns said...

Its was just to magnificant not to share Robyn.

Glad you liked this quirky story...!
S x