Saturday, December 4, 2010

celebrating the year...

a favourite image
This image was the lead in to a section on the work of the Seed Lab of the just published 'homage to the seed' book discussed in the previous post.
Last night we had a wonderful evening of celebration at the exhibition opening at the Herbarium. It was the ideal opportunity to celebrate the work of the local chapter of the Millennium Seed Bank Project in Brisbane.
Quiet, largely hidden work that was brought into the light for a brief while... and also over the year at the homage blog! The sense of occasion and ambience was set by a quite wonderful introduction from the Head of the Gardens' Rosss McKinnon. His wide-ranging talk was very focusing and made it all the more easy to come along and add some thoughts after that! Im something of a believer in setting the scene with well chosen thoughts... it brings people together and can energise the space somehow leading to stronger connection.

I dont have much to add here now... today was the breathing out day after  so much busy-ness... a steady stream of visitors and conversations... the weekend will be more intense... but having caught my breath that will be good!

Thank you to those who contacted me about the book... reception at the Herbarium has been just delightful too... and has added an enriching layer to the year! Its so easy for an artist to end up working alone ... so there was such pleasure last night in having made really positive, valuable and complex connections over the year that have covered some significant ground and kept unfolding!
After the previous year or two of enormous change and challenge it was just great getting my teeth stuck into something this year that was immensely fulfilling and enlivening and will continue to evolve. The  timely nature of this project allowed for things that had been slowly coming to life over a very long time to really have their chance to be expressed!
That does feel good! be off...a few emails to catch up on soon...
S x


Janis said...

I have such admiration for your commitment and energy Sophie - wish I had one ounce of it. Lovely things are happening for you and I cannot wait to see your book!

p.s. sorry for my absence, though I have been peeking in and enjoying your posts and progress...xo

Mlle Paradis said...

Lovely Sophie! It sounds like a really lovely evening and some special satisfactions for someone who's been very hard working and ingenious all year. (Who could that be?)

I gave you a little heads up on my post for today and someone left a really nice comment so when you are rested up and have some time.......

Miss Kitty said...

Dear Sophie,

It has been far too long since I have visited last and I see that there is much that was missed by me.

As I glance over both blogs I see that you are finally having the light shine upon you and are getting recognition for your art and the seed project. We are very proud of you.

As you try to unravel the mystery, it is my cat of seventeen years that has come for a visit, whereas I have not changed. The man who spent most of the year in cardiovascular rehab is typing here and next week he will graduate from the program.

I have thought often of you and several other individuals with whom I would exchange letter with. I still have the card I wanted to send you for the seed exhibit. It still sits on the family room table.

I should sit down and write you a letter, for now know you have not been forgotten.

Warmest regards this holiday season,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Anonymous said...

Oh Sophie congratulations! What a wonderful post. What a wonderful experience. And...what a wonderful effort/ accomplishment on your part!

Kudos, kisses, and hugs.


Sophie Munns said...

Oh.... how lovely to come to the computer all sleepy before preparing for a busy day and find one's friends have been by and left the loveliest of messages!

I can't stop now and respond properly so I just will say... you have all in your various ways provided the most wonderful inspiration and it is amazing to me that so much could be shared via this medium that has been so valuable and so critically important. And sustaining of one's work and journey. Who'd have thought ... not me!

I cant wait to respond individually to all of you... sending cyber hugs your way! Miss Kitty... I nearly fell pleased you are out there keeping that Egmont on the straight and narrow!
Sophia xoxo

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Congratulations and a huge"thank you" for everything you have done this year!! You are truly an inspiration! Been thinking about you and your big "push" to the final weekend. Bask in the celebration and enjoy the relaxed let-down.

I found this thought amongst my mother's papers, "Endings are merely new beginnings..." Looking forward to seeing what's next for you. Kudos! Gloria

Sophie Munns said...

What a lovely message Gloria!
One more day to go and already Im winding down! Its been amazing to share this journey and tap into the energy field out there of kindred spirits....your contribution has been wonderful!
Much appreciated ... and yes... to see what's next! Have planted a few seeds!