Friday, December 24, 2010


Tonight I actually went late-night shopping in the city ... coming home with a couple of books for gifts after some hours of gazing at things I did not need.... and resisting temptation. I finally got into the mood for such an evening! Its been a curious much crammed into the first few days of the month with the exhibition at the Gardens... then a week or two of correspondances, sorting, catching up... and a couple of family get-togethers.
Then a 5 day trip to Melbourne that was quite wonderful... a post on that soon... and yesterday back home and into xmas mode - lunch with a lovely friend at an organic cafe and dinner for 8 at my home.
Today seemed to contain a long list of must do's and that's why the evening in the city eventuated.

I found this excellent sample of old wooden type put together for the festive season on a post at Anthology... Do pop over if you wish to read more about the talented Jen of Starshaped Press who produced prints for her Etsy shop. Read all about it here at Anthology.

Starshaped Press

Starshaped press

How did I get here... mmm....
I think it was clicking on an image of these braided rugs which took me here to ~>O<~ .
braided rugs

How did I get here?

Well.... that was by visiting the curious site - "intelligent clashing" which I found utterly compelling ... a kind of tumblr-like site. I got so engrossed in images on the 'intelligent clashing' site I have lost track of where I came from... here are more images!

Sheila Hicks

Thats uncanny...just clicking on this image on the I.C. website led me to the website of the artist I posted on last week in the previous post!!!

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois - The Fabric Works

Always a big fan of Sonia Delauney

Sonia Delauney - from this blog.


Antonia Sellbach - more here.

Josef G - here.

Picture 6
found here.

Nicholas Nade 2008 - see more here.

Nicholas Nade - 2008

Nicholas Nade

Nicholas Nade

Katharine Trudzinski

Katharina Trudzinski - more here.


Serena Mitnik Miller

Serena Mitnik Miller -read more.

Ukkonen, 2009
Jenni Rope

Talon takana, 2009
Jenni Rope

Jangva Gallery, Helsinki 2009
Jenni Rope - Jangva Gallery, Helsinki

Puun takana, 2009
Jenni Rope - Puun takana, 2009 see here.

Bernard Frize - read here.

So .... here's to more intelligent clashing! Ive long been an admirer of the unpredictable in terms of color and composition. Its quite wonderful to be taken somewhere a little offbeat, the road less travelled!

Hope your festive plans are shaping up whatever that means for you. Quiet times here... relaxing and low key. No doubt Xmas morning will be spent writing cards Im just thinking I must start. I know... Im late! Best wishes all!
S x


Anonymous said...

well that was truly amazing. So many spaces that I would like to just crawl into and live. Rooms as well as paintings. Glad you had some good R+R Sophie! You totally deserve it.

Happy Holidays. See you in a week! Now I'm off for a little winter rest and relaxation!

david weir art said...

Sophie Great blog,Jenni Ropes amazing work
and the old type face and chase
very nice . I used to work on and old Letterpress machine 25 years ago
Have a great christmas Sophie

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed these as much as I did finding them.
Love the fresh possibilities presented in these various works... images to muse on from a variety of sources!

...a lovely white xmas to you Mary... keep snug and warm and enjoy! Its been wonderful to "to and fro" in the blogosphere with you this year...
S xox

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you David!
Its was a very pleasant visit to your blog recently to take in your painting and experience the atmosphere of it.
Love look forward to seeing much more!
Thanks for your wonderful comments and warm greeting.
Best of the season to you too!

DragonflyLanternshop said...

Happy Xmas & New Year Sophie!!
Lets hope the rain stops!
Cheers, Karen

Sophie Munns said...

Just popped over to wish you a lovely xmas and all good things in 2011... you've been very busy madam... and good to see your co-workers are getting along fine!
PS home Beautiful V good!!!

Lisa said...

Wow Fantastic post there Sophie!!!
I will visit it this weekend more.
So much to absorb. Thaks!
Have a restful festive weekend.

Anonymous said...

When I should have been in bed last night I was sitting in front of the computer utterly captivated by what I was exploring!
So pleased you found some inspiration here to!
Have been enjoying you advent calender creativity this month... very clever and a delight Lisa....
enjoy the festive season and keep warm over there!!!

Mlle Paradis said...

I'm a little late but as usual Sophie thanks for another wonderful journey! I love those Jenni Ropes paintings too. Have a lovely holiday weekend. Sounds like everythings happening in it's proper own time just at the moment. Enjoy the quiet! Happy Happy Christmas!

Printed Material said...

There's so much to take in here! Will have to revisit and take these artists one by one. It's always an interesting journey with you. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Lesley.

Anonymous said...

thank you MP... books have been borrowed, bought, accumulated to read over this break and Im thinking it will be the perfect thing to do in all this rain!
You have a wonderful time in LA... and god cooking this festive season!

lovely to have you pop in....
I was quite inspired at the end of doing that post and ready for the studio again after a couple of weeks off!
Have an excellent Xas,,,keep warm...and I wish you all the very best for 2011...

nathalie et cetera said...

another very rich and interesting post! happy holidays Sophie!

Anonymous said...

and to you too Nathalie...
have a very pleasant festive season!

Elaine said...

Your blogs are such feasts for the eyes, Sophie! I love the photos and those typography ones are great. It's so funny how you can discover things on the web and you wonder how on earth you got where you are, but you are so glad that you did! I am thankful that I discovered you over at Robyn's this year - you are such an inspiration. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

inaluxe said...

Happy holidays Sophie! hope you have a gorgeous time, and lots of fun! Your post was an amazing read, and so jam packed full of goodies, I can't for the life of me pick one favourite, although the painting by Antonia sellbach is quite stunning! Lots of love, and best wishes... xoxo

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas to you to Elaine...!
It was wonderful to connect with your this year and I loved that you made your own 'homage to the seed' from your blog too I must say!
Robyn is a wonderful woman and brings such heart to all she does ...and brings wonderful people with her too!
Wonderful times to you in 2011... wishing you peace and prosperity ( in the fullest sense of that word) Elaine!

Hello Kristina and Jason ( Inalux)!
Lovely to meet you through the gorgeous Mary earlier this year.... such a delight to visit your blog and there is a certain kinship with your signature visual style I must remark on... love of shape (form) and colour and overlapping structures!
Glad you enjoyed this series of treasures ...and I wish you a delightful xmas and abundant blessings for 2011!
Thanks for the inspiration!

La Dolce Vita said...

always wonderful coming to your place for a visit! what great art you have here! Buon Natale dear Sophie! xo

Sophie Munns said...

lovely to hear from you Caterina!
Buon Natale!
S xox

r.bohnenkamp said...

Thanks Sophie for the loving greetings.
I wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas
and a happy new year!

p.s. super Post!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ralf.
delighted to hear from you and thank you for wonderful greetings... looking forward to seeing what happens in 2011 for you... good things I'm sure!

KatrinaRecycled said...

Sophie, loved this posting! You never fail to take me on an artistic adventure when I read your blog!
Looking forward to following you in 2011 and seeing what you are up to!
Wishing you many exciting artistic pursuits!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear from you ...and thank you for your wonderful wishes for the year ahead Katrina!
You've been very busy managing work, family and your studio practice. All the best for your year ahead...
best to you,

Maggie Neale said...

Wow! So riches here I have been missing while I was swept away in the holidaze. Glad I looked deeper after that great Philip Glass color musing video. Thanks for all and happy new year!

Anonymous said...

thank you Maggie for a year of good will, encouragement and inspiration!

ArtPropelled said...

I'm so behind in my blog hopping! Enjoying the images in this post in particular. Everything of the best for 2011, Sophie!

em said...

what a wonderful collage of visions and colors! this is all a bit overwhelming; i feel like i've seen a small museum. happy holidays to you as well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,
nice to hear from you... dont know how you manage to keep up with everything you rare doing!
and a wonderful 2011 to you too!

Hi Em,
appreciate your remarks... yes... in know that feeling of overload from the gallery/museum...
Something to shake the eyes awake!