Thursday, December 9, 2010

catching up...

... it does feel most pleasant to be able to come back here and see what everyone is doing and leave traces of life on my blogs. Last night I got to go trawling and find something for my wonderful  mission of naming fav writers after Mlle Paradis tagged me last week! Just go to previous post...

Tonight I thought Id better try and add images from the just completed art show... so you can go to the december post at the Studio blog and even read an essay written for the show if time / interest permits ...and I then added them to the homage to the seed blog.... for those who are more likely to travel there.
I have rather a lot to post at the homage blog to get up to date... but everything in its own time as they say!'

eucalyptus seed capsule - 30 cm x 30 cm

Sadly I ran out of time preparing for the show and had planned to paint more small works from species collected at the Lab. Still the book was worth it... and there's always the next show! 


layers said...

I too am trying to get caught up after a trip and Thanksgiving and now shopping and decorating for xmas-- and going through your previous post on all those books was great fun.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Donna,
good to hear from you. Those book titles are a bit of a hoot... and kind of great for this time of year when we are generally pretty weary and need a jolly good chill out.
So irreverant!
hope you have a chance to go slow too soon... or catch up... that can feel as good as a break!