Monday, December 6, 2010

rain falling ... everywhere!

It seems as if rain has been falling on and off all year... and now a large part of this continent seems to be getting some regions very badly flooded indeed!

It rained much of the weekend...  not so wonderful for those with a Garden's visit planned. The exhibition finished at 3pm yesterday just as some were appearing for the day. Three day exhibitions are rather unusual at the best of times.... and after a year of intense work ... especially so!

The upside is that I get to start relaxing a bit... although this morning saw me needing to be at the Herbarium to get the paintings I did not manage to remove yesterday. Visiting the lab and library was very end-of-year like! Its all winding down a bit. I'm planning to come for some leisurely strolls with camera... and in fact the rainy weather is quite nice if prepared...the greens are wonderful!

I must admit I was so busy on the 3 days of the show and opening night I did not take any photos!  The huge preparation and effort to get the book done recently meant I was pretty well running on adrenalin and just keeping it moving. The exchanges with familiar faces and new on the weekend were most engaging and the time just flew. Anyone reading this who mangaed to get along thank you for finding time in the busy end of year schedule!

These 2 photos were of the outlook from the studio deck the day before I put the show up... the rain was hanging around and everything looks so lush!

steps down from the deck.

This painting below is one I worked on last for the exhibition. It was a slight departure so I was not sure of it.... but one must takes some risks! 

'The world became bright' 120 x 90 cm (cross-sections of rainforest fruits)

'continuum' - 90 x 90 cm

This one was connected to the other works I did using iron oxide  and looser formats. I shall have to get the images together on my website... these photos dont give convey much of the show... plus Im a wee bit too tired to think this through now.

'from the nothing the abundance' 120 x 90 cm

Below is a close up of the text in the painting above.

excerpt from Maori Creation Myth.

Mmm.... I might have to re-photograph some work... All was just so rushed. Now Im going to be quite busy with communications and tying up loose ends and clearing up spaces.... still... all good!
Have a good week everyone... looking forward to getting back to the blogging routine soon....
S x


Maggie Neale said...

Wonderful to see your lushness as the snow comes down in a lushness of its own. A different world--you and I, but connected in sharing. I love "Continuum", the repetitions in the dance, the fading and coming forward--very nice, Sophie!

La Dolce Vita said...

these pieces are just stunning Sophie! love your writing, did you use a brush or a pen? and so nice to see green on the other side of the world! thanks for that!! xo

Anonymous said...



The latest painting makes tons of sense to me. Less about walls or barriers and more about opening up and out. Please post all the the images from the show so that those of us who couldn't attend can!!!

Now what? Another residency?



r.bohnenkamp said...

Hi Sophie,
I'm really excited about your new work.
I like especially 'from the nothing the abundance'.
I wish you all the best for your exhibition.
soon, Ralf

Sophie Munns said...

well... so delightful to find your comments this morning!

snow for you! Lots of green here. Glad you mentioned continuum... very earthy tones...I used the iron oxide and some other grainy paints... it was something of a departure and Im keen to work more with these things.
thank you!

thank you ...i used a brush and white ink. A little awkward brushing it on... snowing for you yet? Its so different I remember this time last year! Appreciate your comments. Ciao bella,

very interesting what you say! It was a little peculiar... felt so abstract but you have picked it well... yes... must sort out and get images together. I really was so busy on the weekend that I missed getting heaps of shots... looking into leads for next some things at the moment!
S xox

Good to hear from you and thanks for the message abut that painting... It felt very satisfying in some inner way... so its good if in an outer way it speaks!
thanks for your good wishes.

Anonymous said...

you'll be in post show drop now,

so grab a glass of wine and do some back patting on yourself.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Grrl,
you are right indeed!
i just dropped on to my bed for 2 hour nap and now off to studio for a 4.30pm appointment. I was finding it hard to stay awake... last week finding it hard to get some sleep...amazing how the body works!
Mmm I get back..good idea. A few dinners coming up with friends! few more glasses there !

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Sophie, Wonderful paintings! The first feels three dimensional and has so much movement and excitement. The second is evocative and more mysterious, and the third is so graphic. Looking forward to seeing more photos!


Sophie Munns said...

Hi Gloria,
your comments are heart warming ...the first was so 'bold and new' and I was so not sure about hanging it!
The second is quite different really... in many ways you commented! And the third... the first and third were the last two I worked on... funny that. But what they have in common is they were actually works I had half completed on residency in melbourne 2 years ago... large abstract surfaces.

A couple of months ago I realised that they both were waiting for a final layer and in time the concept for that formed and with the first one you cant really see the under layer which was in dark colours that made me think of lush rainforests. I kept some of that original surface and then added the creme and coloured motifs. But it was defined by the underpainting of rich rainforest colours.

The excerpt from the Maori quote was something that has been immensely important in my work for 2 decades.... words have often been the most potent source of inspiration and starting point and with this one it was a slow meditation on the existing spaces in this work that finally led me to the composition of text and shapes. Seeds are their most reductive... external circle form as a shell or pod-like structure and circle as seed.
Graphic, but hopefully arresting ...and focusing on the text which I think is so 'puissant' - a word I just found which means having great power or influence in literary or poetic terms.
thanks for this Gloria,
S x