Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Please be careful" - a fascinating title

I just remembered a draft post I did a couple of weeks ago after discovering a painter via the wonderful blog INALUX. I must share this painting (and several others) with you because I was really taken on a journey with this artist's work. Inalux is Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd ...  do go see their wonderful work!

Jeremy Miranda " Please be careful"
                                                               This is an original acrylic painting on panel -  8"x10" 
The painter Jeremy Miranda's title for this work really struck me. Its a poetic and whimsical work but the plea resonates loudly - or does so with me! I have notes with quiet alarm that tourism has increased massively to the Antarctic and I have to wonder about this need to go into fragile eco locations and take a heap of photos for what purpose exactly?
I certainly understand why scientists,  photographers on projects and such people go there... but tourists and mining companies I guess I put in the same category of "WHY?"
Jeremy Miranda: 'Icebergs and cruise ships don't mix well so please be careful.' See this other works at his Etsy site.

The following works are from his website:

pathway,  20" x 24"

houseboat,  20 " x 24 "

new growth,  46" x 44" 

untitled, 30 " x 26"

parlour,  54" x 50"

someday, 22" x 30"

If these works speak to you go have a look at the website images... I found them very compelling...   there seems a few very strong and quite different tendencies going on in his work and yet they marry so well... for me there's a lot to 'read' in them...

well...its still raining here...  there was a long dry spell this morning between drizzles and downpours. My brother and his wife however are in New York... holidaying!!!  JA had to cancel her birthday dinner booking on the 26th due to the snow storm... a bit sad... 50th birthdays are special ...still I'm sure they will long remember this one! They sent me this image this morning... which makes me grateful that I'm simply dealing with a bit of continuous wet weather .... nothing to complain abut here!

This was the view from their hotel or cafe.... not sure... but you get the picture! This is indeed a novelty for most of us in OZ!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JA!!!! (like your bonnet!)


La Dolce Vita said...

amazing work and I loved your Phil Glass post Sophie! I really like his movie scores, my favs are The Illusionist and Kundun, so very different and makes me marvel at his range! I am wishing the best of New Years for you, heres to 2011 being a wonderful and prosperous year! xx's

Maggie Neale said...

hello Sophie, so happy to be making this visit to you. Love these paintings, the space in them. Rain there, snow storm outside here. I'm doing the hibernation, happily. I need it. Wishing you a joyous and inspired new year.

Sophie Munns said...

two lovely people sending good wishes...

Glad you liked the glass post... there's such a feeling of spaciousness and atmosphere ....a certain tone that lends itself to pondering the infitinte...its beyond the now, and beyond fad as I see it!
Your New years wishes are much appreciated!
S xox

how lovely to hear from you. Ah hibernations.... ...there's nothing like it sometimes ....the slowed down rhythms of life. I'm finding it hard to want to 'achieve' anything at the moment.... I'm kind of allowing myself to drift at whim ... and that's punctuated by lovely communications here and there... all on line... so peaceful and slow too!
my very best to you in 2011 Maggie... al god things!
S x

em said...

hi sophie, from buried under in ny! things should be more or less back to normal for your brother and wife now. i hope. it's still quite chilly here, though not as windy as yesterday. wonderful paintings remind me of tropical places... how i wish we had escaped to the west coast this week as planned, but no such luck! please keep reminding us that there is a warm, colorful world out there...

sophiemunns said...

Glad to hear things are looking up Em... it must take a certain kind of fortitude to hang in there through your snowed-up weather.
Shame you did not make it out west!!!
Where I live has escaped too much discomfort from rain... but other in this state are less fortunate... the big deluge continues here!
Hope you are enjoying aspects of being forced to stay in!

Lisa said...

I am really intrigues by these paintings. He brings together different places. I will have to view his other art. Thanks so much for finding him and showing these. I needed some depth today.

sophiemunns said...

I know what you mean Lisa....they are intriguing!
And I find myself being prompted into deeper reverie...its quite fascinating what he s orchestrating in these works... glad you were also inspired!

Mlle Paradis said...

as always sophie, you find the best stuff!!!! i do love these. i think they are taking painting to a completely new and necessary place. the surrealist's like to think they did this but i don't think they succeeded in this way at all.

i don't think that you can say that painting is dead or "over" when you see these paintings. the "traveling" through space aspect is stunning.

i want so badly to be able to enter .......

sorry about your brother and sis-in-law. my wedding was pretty much just like this. v. memorable but not quite as planned!!!!!!

Sophie Munns said...

Im with you on your reading of these paintings M Paradis ... they do travel through space ... I was truly captivated when visiting his site!
....one does seem to need to 'read' these works...

Your wedding day must have been indeed memorable... how did you get to be where you had to be??? At least it went ahead ...the mind boggles imagining what could have gone wrong!
I hope you have something very pleasant planned for New years...
off to the studio soon and friends tonight... H N Y!!!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Happy New Year, Sophie! Thanks so much for posting Jeremy's work. I had recently discovered him via Etsy and I think his paintings are fabulous. His use of color; the quality of light he achieves; his compositions....all amazing! Wishing you a wonderful 2011....Gloria

sophiemunns said...

Another fan of Jeremy's work... interesting that you've found him too...!
Thank you for kind wishes for the year...I shalll continue to enjoy visiting you and seeing what's happening for you in 2011.

Thea said...

Have a Happy New Year Sophie! I look forward to following more of your creative adventures. x

Janis said...

Happy New year dear Sophie! Wishing you inspiration and juicy new projects in 2011. xo...j.

sophiemunns said...

How lovely to come in and read your message after a long day in the studio... mush appreciated... and may 2011 bring much to delight and fulfill your hopes and dreams!
S x

A big wish to you Janis for prosperity, enchantment and fulfillment in 2011.... Lovely to find your message waiting tonight... thinking of you over there and hope you are having the most pleasant day!
S xox