Sunday, November 28, 2010

a thank you to postcard makers from July!

In my last post I mentioned a small volume (curious words that!) I had put together to document the year of 'Homage to the Seed'. See previous post for more on that (you can skip the Portuguese!)

I made a 2 page tribute to all the bloggers who sent in cards...  I needed another few pages for this purpose actually... but you can imagine space was limited. And I must mention there were quite a few other bloggers who were simply wonderful and went to the trouble of spreading the word about this mail-art show on their blogs... I put a little tribute to all bloggers in the acknowledgements page.

left page of double page spread

right page
Well... I did try to fit them all in... in the book they are a LOT easier to see... and I have suggested to readers they come and read all about who sent cards from where at this blog!

68 page treatise

So where did I get the image for the cover from ... this close up section of the painting below titled 'seed lab maths' ...before i put the white ink circles on it! I loved the texture of the line and selvedge and the paint from a loaded brush dragged across the linen. I also didnt want to spell out the contents on the cover. Odd the decisions you make at the time. The printer was quick to say "why didn't you use this image ... I like it?
                      Imagine if you asked everyone you knew...!

'seed lab maths'  45 x 45 cm

I'll add more pages here or there. Been at the studio all day and half the night...  I was stuffed so came home and have had a lovely time popping in and visiting bloggers here and there. I'm inspired and decided week after next I want to try and post an image from everyone's blog that I if I come knocking...!

S x


nathalie et cetera said...

Hi Sophie! This is so great. I am very very honored to see my postcards in your book.Thank you so much! Can't wait to see more pages...

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nathalie,
Im so delighted to have this way to say thank you ... It really was a huge delight for people. I will have the cards at the exhibition too...just not sure what space will be available for putting them up...but they will be viewable one way or another!
thanks for your warm comments!

Lisa said...

Just spotted your blog and love the color and pattern of your work. Very beautiful.

Ro Bruhn said...

I'm thrilled to see my postcard there, you have such a wonderful variety. I love the cover and the 'seed lab math' is fabulous, circles are my favourite shape and this piece has such a beautiful composition as well as colour and design.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa...
lovely to hear form you! i had a peek at your blog...loved those altered books!

Hi Ro!
Lovely to hear from you! Im looking forward to the wonderful cards getting more exposure ...much deserved... how lovely that people got involved in homage and now it will live on !
Im glad you liked the cover... working out all those things is quite a process. Circles are incredibly pleasing ...I agree... its funny you find when you get immersed in a shape you just get drawn in more and more?

blue china studio said...

Hi Sophie,

Thank you for adding my postcard in your book. I'm so honored. And I love the cover.


Sophie Munns said...

Its a pleasure Jacilyn!
thanks re the cover.... nothing like a little red to wake up the other more dreamy colours!

KatrinaRecycled said...

Thanks Sophie, Its so exciting to see my postcard there, I love what you are doing!

Sophie Munns said...

Im just delighted you participated Katrina... that was a really great day when you came along! loved the people all at the communal table!
see you very soon!

Mlle Paradis said...

ahhhhhhhh! i LOVE the cover! you chose well Soph although i think you made the point nicely. if you'd asked everyone you know each would find something REALLY lovely amongst your paintings that they would strongly feel worthy of the cover. hey that's good news!

and thx for the little visual shoutout (she said as demurely and with as much modesty as she could muster.)

when you're sorted, and recharged, i've tagged you to list 15 of your most meaningful authors. i only managed 14 but i'm sure next week i'll remember who i left out! xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie,
Thanks so much for letting me know about this and for including my postcard (and envelope! :)
Your cover image choice is wonderful - I love the tactile quality of your paintings and would really like to experience some of them 'in the flesh' one day.
You're no doubt super-busy with preparations for your exhibition this weekend - good luck with it all, and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

How lovely to come home to read a message from you MP .... after the total exhaustion of everything and a surprising pleasant night (openings can be funny!) ... totally wrecked and ready for tropical island and swimming all day... better move some of those paintings... then... maybe tropical island...etc!
Sweet ... glad you approve cover ... what a pleasure championing the bloggers to all through the book! Delighted to showcase your wonderful photo... it does make people really look at all the seeds!
I love the idea of doing 15 authors...what a darling thing to get asked to do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,
so delighted to have this chance ... the postcards brought much delight... so the energy lives on!
Thank you for lovely comments... tactile... yes... the raw thing is something I wish to bring to the work... seeds are earth... soil and nature and its raw ... so the paintings have that quality where possible.

Crazy busy few days...but a little exchange here is very relaxing... thanks for all your good wishes Suzanne!
LOVED your cards!

Sanne said...

Hi Sophie, thank you for showing the postcards in the book! Good luck with the final event for the residency, and have fun :-)
best wishes!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Sanne...its such a cards were wonderful.... thanks for the good wishes,