Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello everyone...

this is what has been keeping me so very busy...  come december 6th I may be back travelling the blogosphere... till then probably studio.... computer .... and hopefully some refreshing naps!

visit the website to see more ( I will add photos bit by bit!) and of course the homage to the seed blog where you can read what this years project has been about!.
S x


Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! Can you tell I am procrastinating?

Anyway, off to the studio!!!!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Mary,
yes...procrastination...I know that one...sometimes its like one has to gather the energy and muster the where-with-all to then go an put it out there.
m afraid my little blog has become a navigation site for people who might have read about this show and need more info. Too busy still to bring fresh material to post here Im sorry!
still time will go quickly enough...
thanks for popping in!

Susan Buret said...

I've just visited your website. The work is beautiful Sophie. Congratulations!

Sophie Munns said...

Thats lovely to hear Susan,
Much appreciated. Still tinkering over at that site...needing to add details about work... but
some slow time required for that!
best to you!