Friday, November 19, 2010

Escape into life

For a little diversion this morning before I run out the door...I just stopped by my blog...(hello my lovely bloggy friends...I still exist!) and when I trawled down the bottom of the sidebar I found this website/blog I'd forgotten to visit for a LONG time called 'Escape into life' ...and I randomly viewed this artist and these whimsical paintings were perfect for a mellow friday morning after the rush of late.

So I invite you to go see more of this artist's paintings and have a look at the site! There's some great contents there!

Ciao everyone!
S x

escapeintolife J Zanes 6
Gold boat, Water rising

The artist is Julia Zanes (her link is below and 'escape to life' is for some reason impossible for me to load this morning ...Ive never had a problem  linking before. Excuse me for this tech problem... and do try google till I sort that out!!

esczpeintolife J Zanes 5
The Good Me, the Bad Me

Julia Zanes Website


La Dolce Vita said...

lovely and I will go and have a look see! xox

Sophie Munns said...

Id almost forgotten I'd added this post...Oh Dear Cat....looking forward to getting back on track and visiting you soon!

dosfishes said...

Wow Sophie, thanks for sharing. xox Corrine

Janis said...

Oh I am definitely going to follow this link. Leave it to you Sophie to find such interesting work and squeeze in the time to share it with us. Thank you...

Take care, take it slow, big hug xo

Sanne said...

her work is amazing! thank you for letting us know :-)
I hope you are doing well!

Lorena said...

lovely paintings, reminds me a little of the painter Hieronymous Bosch

Sophie Munns said... busy I have been slow to say hi to the lovely people I needed to respond to here.

Its such a delight to have you visit and leave wonderfully cheering messages and such...
so ...thank you
Sanne and
Go well and lok forward to visiting you al very soon,
S xo