Saturday, November 27, 2010

Homenagem a semente

A residência está chegando ao fim com o fim do ano se aproximando rapidamente ... Será que essa exposição ocorrerá na próxima semana, durante 3 dias no terreno do Jardim Botânico no Herbário, que fica a 30 metros da Administração é a construção (onde a biblioteca se encontra).Veja o convite abaixo!

O espaço é compartilhado com o artista Anual da Sociedade Botânica de Botanica da exposição Qld .... Aberto diariamente das 10:00 até 04:00 (15:00 no domingo!)

Vou postar as obras da série depois que se fechou no site. Todo o trabalho será para a venda,juntamente com um livro página 68 (21 x 23 cm) Eu tenho produzido na Homenagem ao Projeto Semente ($ 30) e postais diversos Quais serão os projetos disponíveis também. Para os blogueiros maravilhosa Já que perguntou se haveria Disponível com livro de registro tem fotos ...Será que esta contém 12 páginas do meu diário, uma seção de Pintura, Outros recursos visuais de O Laboratório de Sementes e assim por diante. Eu incluí páginas sobre os eventos do ano com uma página dupla no cartão postal da blogosfera-exposição Arte Correio.

click here to go read about this!!!

Se você tiver quaisquer inquéritos, não hesite em enviar e-mail ou deixe um comentário que vem através de meu e-mail mesmo! Eu não criaram paypal ... A Mostra visa onça conclui-se que eu posso certamente endereço se for necessário. what's this?

I was visiting and my blog was listed on their blog-roll and when I clicked to visit I was delighted to see it translated into Portuguese... not that I can read this language...but simply because i love the fact it makes you really look and think. This text above is what I wrote before about my new project and what's happening next week.

You can read about it in English here!

S x

PS if you haven't read this already.....


blue china studio said...

Sophie! Congratulations on your book. It sounds like it is amazing. Are you sad that your artist in residency is almost over?

Take care,

Mlle Paradis said...

sophia bella - THAT IS SOOOOO COOL!

Anonymous said...

How exciting is that?

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely to hear from you Jacilyn.... thank you for the well wishes... much appreciated.
Its interesting .... the residency work has opened up more possibilities and ideas so I wont be wrapping up 'Homage to the Seed'... just shifting it into other contexts. The studio residency in Paddington - which Ive I posted about - is ongoing... so thats great! The work will continue, I can still visit the gardens, library and Seed lab... what changes is my work wont have that artist-in-res title....which was really kind of misleading given there was no residence/studio at the Gardens or funding). To leave that kind of all-encompassing situation would be very hard indeed.

For me its been rather like doing unfunded post grad study which I was back in 2007... with deadlines, demands, huge thinking time needed, writing and producing art work in a very concentrated way. Personal circumstances required quite bit of sacrifice in order to use my time this year to pull together a whole set of ides, processes and material that I felt really compelled towards. So the Gardens/see lab context was utterly in sync with this stage I was at. The time at the library helped me articulate more precisely what my focus has long been... so Im immensely grateful for that opportunity which has been such a great framework for thinking.... and the collaborative possibilities from working around people from different spheres which push new thoughts and ideas ones way!

2011 will be focused around building on this foundation year to create projects that are rewarding in every way, including funds in that equation. The links into community and further afield this year make it quite doable to run with homage to the Seed ...there's SUCH a lot happening out there to connect to...!
I hope all is well in your very busy world too Jac!
ps your postcard is in the book!

Sophie Munns said...

Mlle Paradis... time to tell bloggers I did get their postcards into the book... but have asked readers to link back to the blog to see who they came from. I wasn't able to put in all the important hope people would go to the blog.
The reality of getting the text into print that you want ... harder than i imagined. Blogs allow for long and drawn out need to crunch it down ..and there's always the next post...and more.
I had too many bases to cover...Im just happy I was able to celebrate my lovely blogosphere contributors! More soon on to the studio...have a great weekend...Thanksgiving? If thats this weekend I hope it is a very happy one for you my friend,
Sophia xo

Sophie Munns said...

Mary, thank you!

Your new blog and the new focus for the older one is an exciting development...Looking forward to being back and visiting..!

Elizabeth said...

Fabuloso, Sophie!

You astonish me!


Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Elizabeth.
now... could you read the portuguese?
see you,

ArtPropelled said...

Glad you are surfacing .... even though I don't understand a word of it :-) Actually I did read the English version. Congrats on your book and best wishes for the nextleg of the journey now that your residency is drawing to a close.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Robyn,
disorienting at first seeing a different language in place of the familiar isn't it...
Thank you for your kinds words... doing this was such a hands on revelation of what's required to do a more developed project. There's no doubt a gigantic leap if one is fortunate to have a contract and people involved in the design of the book as well as ever other aspect of it. That would be quite something being able to iron out the challenges with that kind of know how!.
...really missed being able to pop in and see what you are up to Robyn!

Anonymous said...

I love a grid - and the seeds take to griddiness so well.

Sophie Munns said...

thanks denise ....
yeah for grids!