Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the big wet

These images of country areas of south west Queensland are not exactly down the road but we are getting some of the rain here in Brisbane that has completely swamped places like Roma and Birdsville. They've been inundated with many scrambling to safety, some with little warning. 
I'm reminded of growing up on the Clarence River in northern New South Wales where the river would invariably break its banks from time to time. We would get to that point where we would look at each other knowingly and say "flood rain". There's rain and there's flood rain.
For me at the moment there's rain and there's the studio. Its cooler than recent times... sleeping is good with the sound of falling rain and there's no flooding downstairs (we had a little fiasco last year!)...so all is well!


La Dolce Vita said...

Hi Sophie, so nice to know that all is well! will have to check with my friend Kim in Queensland to make sure she is alright thanks for the heads up. sleeping with the rainfall sounds so very lovely!!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Cat,
With Quakes and storms and other troubles going to bed safely at night is not to be taken for granted. The rain has quietened everything down ... it seems to have stopped though so maybe no rain on the tin roof tonight!
ciao bella,

dosfishes said...

Strange weather all around the world at this time, hard to stay safe.
I find our seed pod work wondrous.

I want you to know that I have a Beautiful Blogger Award at my blog "spot" for you if you want to come and pick it up.


Sophie Munns said...

How lovely of you Dosfishes!
Meeting new bloggers is a great thing and windows into worlds all over.
I'm rushing out the door now so will come back to this...how heart-warming!
best wishes to you,