Sunday, March 21, 2010

underground rediscovered, Sydney

If ever I found myself stuck underground waiting awhile at these train stations in central Sydney years ago I would most certainly be wishing I was elsewhere ...
There nothing like good design in public transport. I think the photographer got creative here though - bringing these places to life with the camera. I wonder where one finds the best public transport systems around  the globe. I dont travel enough to know these days. I always loved the old rattlers - as they were known - or wooden trams of Melbourne when I lived there... the seating arrangement and seriously worn-in look was the stage for frequent drama and conversation.

those stairs, escalators and walkways can be very drab - great angles here.

I loved discovering these images from yellowtrace earlier this month. Do have a look at the entire post and read the background to these photos if you are curious. I was impressed - seems it was a photography class exercise.... a student!!
This series makes me smile - almost feel nostalgic. Great Blog by the way with many eclectic categories but strong on design.
I found yellow trace through the lovely young Sydney based artist Renee Anne here


La Dolce Vita said...

as I am venturing out of my tiny town on tues to travel to Seattle and then take the ferry to Port Townsend, I am really enjoying these photos... gets me excited about the trip! the northwest has a great transportation system, trains and buses are awesome, but once I arrive, I will be walking as much as possible!
love the colorful graphics and the lighting in the station is magical!

Sophie Munns said...

I love the sound of this trip Cat!
Can I come?
no really - I'd be getting exciting about your expedition too - and the various modes of transport add to the pleasure - especially when its a great system.
The photographer did well with these ... frsh and energised!
Have a great trip Cat!

dana | yellowtrace blog said...

Hi Sophie,
I just saw this post - thank you for your little tribute to yellowtrace. I am trilled that you enjoy my site and particularly this post series - my husband will be very happy to hear that his photos are appreciated by others.
My best,

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Dana,
When i finished posting on your lovely blog I thought i must write and tell I am delighted you got here to see this first.

You have done an amazing job on your you work in the design industry? I must read 'about' you...!
I've always like the magazine/journal format and been a writer of journals for decades - image and text - but i have little computer skill to effectively set upa more sophisticated look...and so, given my other prioritis, dont let this bother me. Its a vehicle for communication...thats fine.

If I ever had time I would love to get tutored by someone clever and creative like you Dana!

Best wishes to you and your clever husband!

em said...

thanks for the view below. i like what the photographer has done with the color saturation...

Sophie Munns said...

Interesting for sure kind of demands you look!