Sunday, March 7, 2010

What is this?

well... if you dont know the significance of this tree above read my latest post at Homage to the Seed!
Below: from - also featured at this homage post!


dosfishes said...

Yum love chocolate. Have seen the preparation of those pods into what we eat. Fantastic seed pods.

Thanks for your comment back.


Sophie Munns said...

Hi Corrine,

I thought that seed pods might be a little uninteresting for some to comtemplate....hence the idea of connecting seeds to chocolate... Hard not to like chocolate ... I agree with you Corinne... although some do.
Perhaps that could be a really good thing!

Hey.... i have started to make headway with the posting of stories on the seed blog - had lots of photos to download and photoshop!!... maybe I can get to your one soon!
Forgive me!

La Dolce Vita said...

some one doesn't like chocolate? don't think I have met that person!!! LOL!

em said...

i love chocolate, but lately it's giving me migraines. i hope this migraine-y phase of my life ends soon! cut drawings... who did them?

Sophie Munns said...

La DV,
Every now and then I hear someone proudly announce that they are not a fan of chocolate...could be they are not telling the truth!

Oh EM!
this is not good.... I hope you are able to put those migraines behind you well and truly. Awful... is it from all kinds of chocolate?... I guess you dont want to experiment to find out!
The hand-written bit with cute drawings is often tacked on to the end of a Selby shoot - go to and check out their stories on interesting people which they often conclude with the hastily written texta pen interview type scenario. Its a remarkably succinct glimpse - this text with images - into peoples lives.