Saturday, March 6, 2010

on a completely different tangent

This morning I noticed in my sidebar blog-list a new entry from David Byrne's Journal. Even though in a hurry to go out I had to stop and read this post titled DREAM - THE ART TRAP 
You will have to read the post to see what this image below left has to do with the story. I was a great fan of Talking Heads and Byrne's work. In 1986 whilst living in London I saw his film "True Stories' which I thought was ingenious. Coming from where I had been living in south east country Australia before moving to London there were things that resonated strongly in parts of the film. It certainly stayed with me and I bought a copy of the script in book form later on in Jerusalem of all places.
03_05_10_b_arttrapTrue Stories
What happens after attending a VIP opening! It reminded me of the recent discussion on art museums of New York....with a uniquely quirky angle - Byrne's signature style! Have a look if you're the curious type!
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Mlle Paradis said...

Ooooohhh!!!! Maaaaaannnnn!

That's why I had to leave NYC. The art trap never appealed. It was like a death march as far as I was concerned. And no, not much in the way of intimacy.

Funny thing, though, I was on a train platform once w/ D. Byrne and he was desperate for someone to acknowledge him. And not a person did.

So if you ask me, he can't say he never has been in some kind of those traps! I was surprised that he said that everyone was older than him.

Sophie Munns said...

Hello there Mlle Paradis,

My 10 days in NYC were too short to do anything other than drool and dream... I was offered excellent hospitality by various people and you know how that uplifts the spirit and leaves a good impression!

I am fascinated by your gypsy lifestyle thats taken you to so many places and brought so many experiences your way. Some cities just dont work for some people I have found this myself. It is a curious fact!

Also heard a different DB story ages ago from a friend in London who was seated next to DB at a NY dinner party - she was a quiet, even shy, low key person with NO idea about his work or reputation, who only found out after the night was over, and reported him as being quiet-ish and terribly pleasant.

I did like the dream post opening night! I guess that word "seductive" is the key for me...!

Strangely I, who rarely dreams (or remembers them!), woke up this morning dreaming I was on a house boat that you might find in a canal in Amsterdam with people I did not know - the water was a truly extraordinary hue of blue/aqua. We started to hit the open water which the vessel was not fit for, there was panic so we came back into the canal and all was well. This reminded me I had dreampt the previous day of being on a bus driving beside a lake of the most amazing coloured blue/green water. Both dreams had this remarkable colour...and both times I was amazed that I was waking up with the had become so rare for me. Probably this is why i was as responsive this morning to someone writing a post with a dream image.
My own dreams prompted me to think about how utterly evocative a dream image can be... and how it can stay with you long after ...and reveal something almost effortlessly at times.

Glad to hear you've been having a wonderful week!
must visit you!

La Dolce Vita said...

absolutely different, but I adore dreams and dream imagery, way fun diversion!

Sophie Munns said...

Good morning La DV!
I have been so taken up wit other things I am not blogging very often or visiting friends...lovel you have not given up on me!
Amazing how dream images can linger or have a force sometimes!

em said...

my hubs interviewed DB last year about that warehouse in NYC that he wired for sound... he found him quiet and pleasant also. maybe i'm the only person who hasn't met him!

oh, had a terrific dream that i was traveling in italy and saw blue butterflies as big as two hands fluttering about. memorable! if i was an artist, i could capture the image... thanks for the evocative blogging, sophie!

Sophie Munns said...

Interesting anecdote Em! Is that a typical day in the life of your husband - the interviewing bit?
By the way, do you know the film I referred to 'True Stories'?
Hey Em...I'm reminded of 6 degrees of separation... we got this one down to 2 degrees...thats cool!

Love that dream image - maybe your daughter could paint it for you. Are you sure you cant paint/draw at all? Your photographs are so wonderful and you have a great eye for that!

I came across the post on your garden on that lovely french garden blog the other night - Paradis Express.
It looked gorgeous the way she had put all your images together! "Thats our EM!" I thought feeling very proud of you!


em said...

s... my hubs does lots of interviewing in his job, so yes. no, don't know the film. i like the job paradis express did presenting my blog, and wrote her to tell her so. she didn't write back, tho'. i rarely paint... i'm really very clunky at it. that's why i like the camera! thanks for being so nice!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Em,
I am convinced you have had the worst series of weather events in your area of any blogger I check in with !!
More damage....more storms? Is it possible?

.... great images of "runaway" tree!

and HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY ---4 years Em!
well done!!!