Friday, March 26, 2010

join me for a painting session at the Gardens this Sunday

Botanic Gardens

Come and get your hands covered in paint at the 40th Anniversary celebrations since the commencement of these wonderful gardens.  Who, what, when etc you ask ....visit my Homage to the Seed blog for the whole story and if you can come and have coffee at the ENVIROCAF with me ...I'd love to see you!!!

There's news coming soon for a Solo exhibition I'm doing and workshops starting after that. Stay tuned to this or the residency blog for more details!

Pages from the 'homage to the seed' journal
above: I have been researching fruits indigenous to Qld and this region - looking closely at the cross-section structures of the capsules and pods over this past month in the studio - all of which has found its way into work for an up coming show.
below: Under the microscope in the Seed Lab. Over the past 2 weeks, under instruction from Jason Halford who runs this lab that is part of the Millennium Seed bank Project, I have been taking notes, getting quick sketches and photographed images of the collected seeds in the process of being cleaned, sorted, counted, weighed, documented and  packaged to send to Kew Gardens. Drawing whilst looking through the microscope and keeping my specs on has been tricky but a fascinating exercise. I even had a go at taking photographs of what could be seen through the microscope... See more of recent work at the studio archives blog and I will be posting on the work of the Seed lab and Jason Halford's involvement in this very soon on the residency blog.


nathalie et cetera said...

oh! how i wish i could join! i'm sure it will be a great day!

Altoon Sultan said...

Your experiences at the gardens sound so interesting, Sophie, and the drawings of seeds are lovely. I enjoy seeing the geometries of the interiors of seedpods.

Sophie Munns said...

hello Nathalie,
would be lovely to have you here... so far away!

hello Altoon,
Thank you for your encouraging remarks. You would really no doubt enjoy a visit to the seed lab. Three of us were in there the other day gasping at the extraordinary things we were noticing under the microscope. So much fun we were having that we all seemed to look up at one point and catch ourselves in the moment!
I would love just a little of that wonder to come though the art work and I would be delighted!

nevin said...

My dear Sophie,

I wish I could join! Looks so good. Have a great day :))

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Nevin!

Has been sunny and so should be a delightful day in the garden for an outdoor activity.

Lucy said...

I'll bet it was huge fun, Sophie.

We must make sure that we're in the same city as one another one day. X

Sophie Munns said...

It was a lovely day Lucy even thought the dark clouds were threatening to fall down on us!
Some very interested young children came along and soon lost their shyness when given various large seedpods to paint and print with.

Ha... yes... to Melbourne - before the year's out Lucy - it would be lovely. Just booked flights to Sydney today as its even longer since I've been there.
Now if you ever cone to sunny/stormy whatever it is Bris do let me know!

Here's to prosperity and professional integrity... after reading you excellent post... I think we should raise glasses to that!