Tuesday, March 9, 2010

paper + acrylics + archival ink + glue + 9 parts ingenuity = Sarah Gee kaleidoscopic abstractions

Weeks ago I wrote to Sarah in Vancouver because something of hers had caught my eye.  Now I think it was Vancouver... funny how location is the one thing that may slip under the radar.  She has been a very industrious person and uploaded new work onto her website which she sent me to look at.
I've been observing cross-sections of fruits and seed pods of late and noting the amazing symmetry to be found in some. I see a connection here even though these are complex, layered and assembled to exploit the hard edge to strong effect. Very contemporary and fresh - Sarah's work engages with its repetition yet variation - something also evident in the world of nature that I'm enjoying exploring up close at the moment! Check her website here -  with interesting links !
Thanks for sharing these Sarah - by the way - liked reading about your process!

UPDATE from the artist 10.3.10 : 
Sarah Gee wrote - Its so interesting that you related my work to the seed pod, because I find all sorts of connections to the natural world -  transparent jelly-fish, microscopic life, even brain scans. I like how Joseph Albers said he hated it when people called his work abstract: "its real, not abstract"


Leni said...

This is cool. I've always been very drawn to kaleidoscopes and their patters, shapes and colours.

They have often been a source of inspiration for doodling in the corner of my note pads whilst in class, or on hold on the phone to the bank ;) But seriously though, I really enjoy them.

Sophie Munns said...

Ah Leni!

I can see you liking the crisp lines and design qualities of these works ....kaleidoscopes are magic I agree.
Looks like your trip to Africa was pretty amazing over summer... thanks for visiting!
Have a great year!

La Dolce Vita said...

very interesting work, I will go check it out! thanks, S!

Sophie Munns said...

La DV hello!
Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy!

Mlle Paradis said...

I'm totally with this! And i love the J. Albers quote.

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Mlle Paradis,

i was just having a break from spring-cleaning (yes...really...it was high time!) ....and noticed you had an intriguing new post on my sidebar blog list when your comment came in.

So I'm waving to you in case your'e looking!

Glad you like Sarah's work and yes...the Albers quote is a goodie!