Launched May 1st, 2009 with a tentative start... this blog evolved into a space to bring things I'm curious about or fascinated with whilst adapting to life in a new city, a new direction with my work and in the online realm. Early on postings were frequent and wide-ranging in focus. Attention slowly spread to new online engagements as ideas developed and formats trialled to extend those ideas. However, this blog has always remained at the centre of all that followed ...the conversations, journeys and glimpses into creative worlds generated here have long enriched my days beyond all imagining and I return always to pick up the thread with gratitude for the experience and for those who've passed through, perhaps joined up or stopped to converse!
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Friday, February 26, 2010

if I was in Sydney this weekend...

I'd have to stop at the fabulous Bourke St Bakery on route to Paddington.

Once in Paddington there would be endless galleries and favourite book shops to wander into.... Berkelouw, Ariel, Gertrude and Alice... its been a while...hope they are all still there...! The Paddington markets are always fun, and the galleries... where to start.

This weekend though if I was in Sydney I would definitely be going to see my blogging friend Undercover Painter at the Harris Courtin Gallery. Inga's work I have posted on before as I am am a fan of her painterly gems and would line up to buy one in a flash. 

Tandem  Oil on canvas   12.5 x 17.5 cm

See more work at Inga Dalrymple and if you are going to be in Sydney this weekend....expecially over Paddington way...please drop in on my behalf and say hello to Inga if she happens to be there!


Mlle Paradis said...

Gorgeous painting of Inga's. Thanks for the quick peek at Sydney! How's the pool?

Lorena said...

those baked goods look divine! I so love a good croissant. The painting is lovely, very quilty looking in a Gee's Bend quilt kind of way

undercover painter said...

Thank you friend.

And for the best sausage rolls in town you really can't go past Bourke St Bakery. Yum! Paddo markets are still there though not as good as once was, sadly.

UP x

janis said...

I will... I like the painting very much so I will visit!

I love a place with good bakeries and indie bookstores ... you hit my weak spot! xo

Sophie Munns said...



have a peek at Inga's website... she, like you my dear friend, has been hiding her light.... and so this current show augurs well for much more to come.
Have yo seen the 52 suburbs blog...its great for Sydney pics!
The pool... just thinking about it makes me relax!

ITS a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l bakery....when I used to get there it a was in a tiny corner shop with few seats and people coming and going. Utterly charming and good humour depite the squeeze!
Inga's paintings are very sensual and I can see why you think 'quilt' even if I am not aware of Gee Bend ...her colour is applied in lovely buttery areas so you can drool over the colours!

here we are discussing your work.... I hope as I type you are in the gallery having lovely discussion with visitors re your work! And those little red dots appear. I hope they dont buy my painting! Well... "my" is not accurate...coveting does not mean ownership! Have a great weekend Inga !!
S x
ps and a ginger brulee tart for me at Bourke St!

You would adore the entire area around where Inga's work is showing and you would like her show very much I am sure. I would have like to have accompanied you to Portland last week...that seems like a place full of all the good stuff! Inga's gallery is located in the most wonderful street and around the corner from so many book stores and such!
S xo


em said...

i wish i could visit! so enticing!

Sophie Munns said...

Its a great place to spend some time Em... its been a while since I have done so though!
To think last June I was investigating getting a month long sublet in New York for january...I would have had to negotiate and endure something of that endless winter of snow, ice and the resulting chaos you have been beset with over there!
Beyond my comprehension!
Take care,