Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what's hidden away in your art supply cupboard?


I think many of us rather like to have a little supply of special art materials sitting in the cupboard for some moment when we are inspired to break them out and experiment. Or maybe you are the sort to race home with your new found treasure and get stuck in straight away. There's an element of childlike eagerness that can accompany a new box of colour pencils or a unexpected find. The japanese crayons above got me thinking about this. Found at the curious (worth a visit if you're keen on colour) via Design Fetish where I also found the pencils below by Finish artist Jonna Pohjalainen, created during a workshop in environmental art at the Open-Air Museum in Pedvale.


La Dolce Vita said...

oh Sophie, I love these crayons! I have made larger versions by melting crayons together, but nothing with the the masterful blending of these to play with, my inner child is clapping her little hands!!! woohoo!

nevin said...

I really like to try this.. I never saw it before. Thank you for sharing Sophie.

Susan Erickson said...

You've got me on that one. I love new art supplies, new techniques, new toys. I have quite a few in stock right now that I haven't used yet but that was because I went a little wild on ebay. The crayons look like fun!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Cat!
this was a bit of fun earlier tonight... I never would have thought of making my own Cat...but it makes sense.... I was a keen candle maker from age 13 to 15. These are very appealing though...
ciao Bella

Hi Nevin,
have you tried those colour pencils with 4 colours together in one pencil? would be a little similar to using one of though because you can't control the colour so easily.
thanks for visiting!

Hi Susan,
I've never seen anything like these either....I must admit to being as fond of some of my art things as I once may have been for something like jewellery. Sounds like you have a tiny addiction too!

Lorena said...

I remember those, I haven't seem them in years, they still look like so much fun

Sophie Munns said...

Lucky you Lorena,
I have never seen anything like these crayons!
During a 2 week stop-over in Japan many years ago I recall being amazed at the variety of very different materials available... I aquired journals rather than art materials as they were easy to transport!
I like the way certain materials push you in a different direction - help you break out of habitual ways of working... these do look fun!
Thanks for visiting Lorena!