Thursday, February 11, 2010

fresh off the press...

Just before I packed my bags for New Zealand a few weeks back, in the midst of a painting spree, a phone call came to invite me to take up the artist-in-residence position for 2010 at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coo-tha. can see what my answer was here!
I have spent the past few nights conceiving this new web-journal to accompany the Residency. Last year putting together the proposal involved extensive thought and research, so there was no need this week at least to search for a title and scratch around for ideas. I wont say any more here, but instead invite you to click on and be transported to 'HOMAGE TO THE SEED' where you will be kept posted over the course of the year on the experiences around this project I am very much looking forward to generating.
I do hope my lovely friends in the blogosphere will still visit from time to time ... and if this blog is looking slightly lonely you will at least know where I am and jump over and say Hello I hope! 
I also hope to not be so way-laid that I cant keep visiting you also... so a little patience may be called for whilst I adjust to these changes... including a new temporary studio!!!
I started this blog in May last year after being shown the basics in April. It took me 3 weeks to get over my fear of the unknown cosmos that I was night around 2am I could not that was my first toe in the water! Really I had no idea how to do half the operations on the computer...I am amazed how much I learnt about using a computer from blogging - let alone what else was learnt along the way. Its been an incredible odyssey - so thankyou for meeting up here and there along the way!


Jo Horswill said...

Looking forward to following you on this new project Sophie...all looks very exciting!

Candice Herne said...

oh! Sophie this is excellent news. I am thrilled for you and look forward to tracking your progress throughout the year. Happy research and creating.Candyxx

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks for your good wishes Jo!
It shall be a fascinating experience no doubt with much to discover!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi there Candy!
Thank you for your very warm message this morning! I'll have to check in with you... see if you find any amazing seed pods on your great journey across this continent.
You are doing the macro journey and mine will be the micro version - both a kind of magnificent discovery of this continent but from completely different ends of the spectrum... i like that!
talk soon,
Sophia xx

Gwen Buchanan said...

Congratulations Sophie... your hard work paid off.. I am so happy for you !!!

Your work in the poster is fabulous!!!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Gwen - I appreciate your kind message and am delighted you like the poster...this one implies something of the nature of seed work...small and numerous as seeds generally are and often requiring counting and sorting.
Small but still enormously diverse!

Mlle Paradis said...

Sophie how wonderful for you this is really very exciting. Haven't you been busy putting all this together and managing to get to NZ as well!!!!! How do you do it?!

I love the whole idea of it. Kew used to be my favorite place in the world. Good to know a little bit of it is taking root in Oz. I'll definitely be back to see what you're up. What a beautiful project!

Sophie Munns said...

I know from your fabulous blog you also have a penchant for all things green and growing Mlle Paradis. Maybe if you come across seeds and pods whilst toting a camera you could snap images of indigenous species in your 'hood! Are there any remnants of former times in the city of angels - not having been there I am completely ignorant unfortunately!
And what stories have come down through your ancestors?
I will be on the lookout for good seed stories... Your Mr T was very inspiring!
as for the planning it was done by early december... the rest was a bit of an anxious "i wonder if....?"
Thats why NZ looked so good...I was up against talented, clever people and there was only one spot!
I'd already begun focusing on Plan B - thats how surprised and delighted I was!
I'm looking forward to sharing it with others who revere the value of seeds and the beauty of the full life cycle of plants and learning from people so much more knowledgeable than myself!
do keep in touch Mlle P!
S x

Non-Indigenous Woman said...

Things are really happening there. Congratulations. Will be watching from Tucson, USA

Sophie Munns said...

Well NI woman,
Lovely message to come home from a day in the new studio to find waiting thank you...
Now.... Tucson must have quite amazing plant life...
Ive always been curious about that part of the States!

I adore the sketchbook work at the top of your sunday 7th feb post and the following day-8th of Feb.....those faces overlapping and the positioning of the other faces....! The stark black and the pencil (conte?) lines!
Enjoying seeing your work on your blog!
will keep in touch!

nevin said...

This is a fantastic news!! Congratulations my dear Sophie::))

Sophie Munns said...

Aren't you gorgeous Nevin!
Thank you for your best wishes!
have a lovely sunday and a wonderful week ahead!

janis said...

Sophie, I am so excited for you!!! I can just feel your creative energy and juices flowing from here. It sounds lovely what you are doing and I can't wait to read more about it on your new blog. I admire these things you do!

Happy Valentines Dear Sophie and thank you for the good wishes too.
xo, j.

Sophie Munns said...

always you are a tonic... just home from a long session in new studio... 4th day in a row. Its amazingly hot even now at 11.30pm.
I even have access to a pool in the back garden which is a delight... but one has to get into that studio and not dally too long in the water... though it would be easy!
hope you have had a lovely V day... i have been amused by the japanese story I left on your post... No one misses out... way to go!
I almost have something ready to put on the new number two...and have plenty of ideas...
always a pleasure to hear from you dear friend!
S xx

Thea said...

Congratulations Sophie! Your beautiful work is ideal for that residency.

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Thea,
thank you so much for your encouraging words!
Its certainly a great opportunity to be able to run with the theme in this ideal location!
Loved your post about Nathalie...I think interviews are actually fantastic for expanding on the topic and so interesting to see the background of the person you've taken on..and to be inspired by the working connection!
here's top good things in 2010 Thea!

Sanne said...

This is great news! Congratulations! of course i will keep visiting!

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Sanne!
One never knows how busy it may be...and how the blog will go that is lovely!