Wednesday, February 3, 2010



Mlle Paradis said...

lovely lovely lovely Sophie! lucky you! the red tree and the flowers on the floor: too gorgeous!

Nicola Moss said...

Great images Sophie, looks like you had a wonderful trip. Don't want to ask what the big cream thing topped with red is on the plate, looks wicked.

janis said...

Really? Wow... so incredibly beautiful... lucky girl!

Sophie Munns said...

Mlle Paradis,
yes....lovely and lucky indeed! I almost thought I was too late to see those flowering trees ( their name starting with P I have forgotten)... so it was a find to see the carpet of red and I had to snap that up immediately. This was in a was picturesque coastal village called Akaroa...the first settlement on the sounth island that was incidently started by the french, not the lots of history in this spot - and of course 1000 years of Maori habitation here long before Europeans voyaged to these southern waters!

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Nicola,
It was difficult to select a few images from so many taken! But plenty were culled too!
That desert was strictly a shared plate... and found at an excellent regional gallery's cafe that was situated beside a rather grand park in Nelson. The cafe was a conservatory so on cold days one could still sit and stare out at the garden whilst partaking of such treats as sampled here.
It was a roulade of egg white...a cloud of white fluff with a pillow of NZ cream and a smoosh of raspberries! I tell was ephemeral but divine!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Janis,
I am missing it!
Just had a glass of water here at home and was in shock. Water, fruit and well....everything I tasted was there was quite wonderful.
Vistas were anything from pleasing to magnificent. I never quite came across the eyesores of daily life we are so used to seeing with commerce and industry...
it felt as there was less pollution of all kinds - I guess that impression was somewhat false.
But the water did taste sensational!