Monday, April 4, 2011

you'll definitely need a cup of tea with this!

OK.... made yourself something fragrant... perhaps soothing? 

If you are new around here ... hello... and thank you to the lovely new followers and friendly people who've been popping in. I try to keep up with saying hello...  feel awful when I don't. And I'm sorry if I've been remiss.

Thank you all for kind words, great thoughts and the ideas you wonderful bloggers share with me directly and indirectly! I learn so much and am frequently so delighted by that which comes my way...


time for tea

gardenofthefareasttime for tea

Many of us discover in childhood a love of the micro and macro worlds... if we are very lucky someone feeds our mind with wondrous stories about the stars ... the night sky, the infinite... or helps us to imagine the worlds within worlds thats is the micro-scape...

photos by Textless

there's endless fascination found in learning about these vast worlds beyond our immediate reach. The tiny spider below and the patterns on our fingertips are virtually beyond our naked eye to see properly.

Tiny spider: Textless

Pollen grains need microscopes....

much magnified pollen grains

and atoms ... well this is what Im going to share with you... something I found here on twitter:

 Amira Skomorowska 
Scale of all things ☞ Planck length up to the entire universe (interactive  

Amira Skomorowska has  a number of fascinating weblinks, tumblr blogs etc which I follow - they deal with ideas crossing multi-disciplines...  art, science, history , ideas, philosophy. I discovered the link to an extraordinary website: onvi-alerte which is a must see at Amira's twitter.

By clicking on the red text it will gradually open to an stunning and very appealing interactive - beautifully designed - which covers the microcosm to macrocosm .... with a pleasing level of scientific accuracy. I posted this on the homage blog last night and wanted you to see it and not miss out!

Truly remarkable to contemplate! I was reminded of William Blakes  "to see a world in a grain of sand..." so I added that complete poem here.

Its been a lovely weekend... and managed to fit in quiet painting time... so feeling ready for the week... do hope you have a moment to see this "scale of the Universe".
Enjoy that cuppa... see you soon!

PS sorry my commenting thingi is not working first go! Have cleared the cashe... must check on those cookies! It seems to work fine second time you try!


Sarah said...

That is amazing! Thanks for sharing it!

Sophie Munns said...

Great to see London from your point of view Sarah.. and thanks for the link!
Its extraordinary indeed!

Philip Munger said...

What a fascinating, truly wonderful visual arts blog, Sophie. Discovered this place while tracking information on Cornelia Hesse-Honegger. Bookmarked.

soraya nulliah said...

dear Sophie-what beautiful pictures! I want to thank you so much for visiting my blog...all the way from Melbourne!! hope this comment comes through!-Soraya

Sarah said...

Hi Sophie,
Yes the plants grow on the river bank-or very nearby. The blue flowered ones are Green Alkanet-a really pretty flower but a weed if it is in your garden-which it is and is very ard to get rid of! It has really prickly leaves which hurt when you pull them up. I think you can use it for dyeing-maybe I should try it! There are nettles and a plant I don't know that had lovely leaf formations. They are all growing out of concrete more or less!

Sophie Munns said...

Had to think for a bit Philip ...the artist Cornelia.... then remembered when I posted on her work...!
Thanks for stopping here with your wonderful comment.

Sophie Munns said...

charming to visit your blog!
Not quite sure why but the comment facility works the second time...
I lived in Melbourne for years ... Brisbane now ... similar distance from where you are though... east coast Australia!
Good to hear from you!

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Sarah... was really curious about the plants... incredible that they grow against all odds in the concrete of a big city!
Hope you get to try dying that plant!

em said...

wow, what is that thing from textless???? i wrote to my brother (who knows everything plant-related) to see if he knows.

Sophie Munns said...

Good question Em... some tumblr bloggers give good info... others dont... Ill see what I can find!