Monday, April 18, 2011

Q: What are you reading? or writing?

this looks like fun - find here. Your own library kit?

which one is you?

Coffee Table Bookshelf
handy I guess...found here What's your coffee table like?

Bookwave Hanging Storage
this isn't me... but maybe you? Found here.

Circular Walking Bookshelf by David Garcia
now you're talking... or walking anyway... from  Circular Walking Bookshelf by David Garcia


space saving... I like!  ...  katecope

so where do you sit to read? Found at The Literary Snob


staree:Off to Neverland by SuperPipo2010 on Flickr.
what do you wear to read? as above!

maybe this is more you? source: Literary snob!

Photo by Martie.
Do you really have to hide in the woods to read Harry Potter?



via anglophiliac
Im more of a Jane fan than a Harry person myself...  what about you?


“Literary imagination is an aesthetic object offered by a writer to a lover of books.”
— Gaston Bachelard, French philosopher and poet
(Photo by SidewaysSarah)
“Literary imagination is an aesthetic object offered by a writer to a lover of books.”
— Gaston Bachelard, French philosopher and poet
(Photo by SidewaysSarah)

photo of me reading on my last getaway!

in case you dont believe me check this source: (Source: lovelikewoe1o1)

this is like me when I was young... well the park, the rug, the book...etc!
Plus I do like a good horizontal reading space!

yeah sure... Im not going to pretend this is me when I was 5!

when only the best shelving will do! Literary snob does it again!

well I did like my last house....but it was getting a bit old and the books were getting ruined!

my favourite when I was a teen!

yeah... my books fly away some times too!

yours too?


one of the best concepts i saw this year
readingisthenewsexy:  one of the best concepts i saw this year. 
NB all these last picks form Literary snob!


(Photo:Naturegrl64 (Diana))
inspired?...  bookoasis(Photo:Naturegrl64 (Diana))


Esto es el paraíso.
perhaps this is more you?  camiluiEsto es el paraíso.

well I guess... cant find a book you like...write your own!

found here.

I hope you have a moment to tell us some of your book secrets... I have to rush... very busy monday morning ahead of me...


Lucy said...

SOOO close to my heart!

Yes. YESS!! MUCH more Austen than Harry Potter (though I read every HP with great excitment when I was flogging kids books for all those years).

Braille ebook...BRILLIANT.

Trees in the library - I wish!

Currently reading: The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan; Real Food From Near and Far (cute, but not great) by Stevie Parle; Ansel Adams tedious but oh-so-helpful trilogy of photo books The Camera, The Negative and The Print.

Anonymous said...

This post couldn't be more timely. I was just riding along in the car thinking that I needed some literary inspiration. Preferably something that had a "soundtrack". Ready is wonderful don't you think?

Sophie Munns said...

I hope ypu can review the Pollan book for us Lucy... maybe I could add it to the homage blog?
Reckon the Adams books must be gems!
Embarrased to say I have never read Harry books... so I'm maybe Jan by default! Can see you with a tree library... maybe country place? Tell your beloved... a present for you...!
Braille ebook must be a winner!
Glad to hear all this... thanks for popping over L
S x

Love talking books Mary... what do you call them over there?
I got one from the library the other day...been too busy .... have forgotten the title!
Great thing when your painting!

iNdi@na said...

quite fond of Persuasion myself [also LOTR]

that sling thing would be good for bits of cloth...but for the MOTH

and as far as writing goes, well, yes, novel-writing is the current travel amusement, a splendid entertainment when passing the cocktail hour en solo
i can write the things i'd like to read!

The Artist Within Us said...

Greetings dear Sophie,

I love the second to last picture since this is what my office and hallway feel like, as I have books everywhere. Some I have read from cover to to cover, though many only chapters, extracting the information in need of, or the inspiration, only to return at some other point in my life.

Apart from the picture I mentioned, I identify with this post very much and muse over every image you have posted here.

Thank you for sharing your own passion for books with us through the selection of these photographs and captions.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

Sophie Munns said...

Bit if a fan of Persuasion myself India... excuse my ignorance...LOTR? anyone?
yes... a cloth sling... I see that too!
we shall look forward to this novel should you decide to publish... how fascinating... lends itself v well to the travel scenario!

Did have a good chuckle to myself this morning Egmont as I posted these images... pretending that was me languishing on the jetty in the red shoes reading... as if! Fantasy can be a lot of fun sometimes... early monday morning it was just the thing!
I can relate to the image of books crowding along walls, halls and doorways... if I didn't have others to live with I could definitely give over to this habit!
Hope you are enjoying signs of spring and you too have a great week...
good to hear from you!

Mlle Paradis said...

i never "got" jane austen.... don't ask me why. ditto for great gatsby and catcher in the rye. well i understood them, but don't feel as passionate about them as some do.

but that aside, GREAT POST! what isit about books and a bounty thereof? yes me in the grass with a book and love the circular book shelf.


mansuetude said...

Bought me a Harry P once and tried but couldnt tolerate the writing. Gave it to goodwill. Poking about in V Woolf's Moments of Being. Paul Celan letters with Ilana Shmueli And Faulkner. Looking forward to J Egan who just won the pulitzer in fiction.

Sophie Munns said...

Yep.... know that "didnt get it" feeling MP... it does not matter how popular or critically revered a book is, or author... if it doesn't resonate with you... than that's all there is... one of the mysteries of life.
A bit of monday morning fun this post... glad to hear your thoughts...
patch of grass...perhaps shade... pretty pleasant reading space! LIke!

thanks for visiting M... in recent years Ive very much enjoyed reading about that era of the Bloomsbury's, the artists and writers and yes VW! I just saw the tweet that australian art critic Sebastian Smee, based in Boston I think, won a Pulitzer. Bit out of that loop I must say...
Paul Celan's life must make extraordinary reading!
Too many books... not enough time!

Lucy said...

LOTR = Lord of The Rings.

(this i only know 'cos the blokes 'round here LOVE lotr!!)

i will write up pollan when i'm finished, and i'd love you to do that. he's onto monsanto in the last section, and it's even-handed but infuriating...

Sophie Munns said...

Thats brilliant Lucy...thanks. Just wasn't anywhere in the region with my guessing... was going to have to write to India!
Have not come across Pollan on Monsanto. Great ... your on!
Have big, bright day my friend!

Maggie Neale said...

What fun, Sophie! Love the photo with elephant and red skirt too. I'm enjoying "Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishigurd, recorded book. I love having a good reader read me a story, even if I don't hear all the words because my mind has wandered....I heard a couple of imortant phrases today...messages for me and I took notes.

Sophie Munns said...

the right voice is so intoxicating... totally agree with you on that Maggie!
maybe some time for reading this Easter break?

Janis said...

GORGEOUS you Ms. Sophie!

Happy Easter my friend - xo

Sophie Munns said...

and a very HAPPY EASTER to you dear one across the Pacific! Your sweet ...always,