Sunday, April 10, 2011

puddling around....

Have been painting for hours ... happily messing around on lots and lots of lovely paper... no end goal this weekend... just meandering with paint! Popped out to a favourite artisan bakery late this morning then into the city by train for a very crowded climate change rally. I found myself at Borders for a a couple of magazines from the Middle East... an excellent contemporary art + culture magazines. It struck me that soon I'll be losing the one place I can find such diverse offerings. That was a big upside for me in visiting Borders.... huge range of art and such magazines from around the world.

A couple of days ago I opened a box and found a heap of postcard size artworks I'd done in 2007 ... some were originally A4-size works cut up... and they were also worked on in stages... this is what inspired me to free-range this weekend .... here are a series of images of ones I saved from 2007.

8 postcard size images informally arranged

think I may have rashly photo-shopped 
these colours a while ago.

acrylic paint and ink was used on these

pod forms were mingling with my pre-occupation at that time with fluidity

and the infinity symbol

love those sennelier inks... so bubbly when 
used straight form the bottle via stopper 

this one is intensely layered - colours 
aren't quite this harsh in reality.

2008 -page from a journal

 sennelier inks again... postcard size

ink postcard

ink on postcard

Well... I hope to have the images of ones I'm working on now to show you soon... got a new (small) camera 2 weeks ago... will have to get used to using it!

I've been Tumblr trawling too ... click on Seed capsules to go see ... and remember that if you go to hte bottom of the site you can click on archives to have an overview of the collected images! There's some great things to be found... and for one in love with eclectica as I am... it provides endless fascination, some very fine ideas and writing as well!

From Tumblr the other day;

Posted by Russian Carpet


Barbara Bernreider
(via kinokinos, allthatshines & plphny)


Melissa Manfull - Sphere (2010, ink on paper, 41x51cm)
Melissa Manfull - Sphere (2010, ink on paper, 41x51cm)

with much more at Seed Capsules archives here.


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Beautiful images, Sophie & I love the archives page of your Seed Capsules. So cool!

You are a real inspiration! Have a great weekend playing around with your paints ... thats the best way to approach it!

Sophie Munns said...

so lovely to read your comments... its good to go back and remember former inspiration some times. It was the memory of the process more than anything that pulled me to do this work... that animated energy field!

The archive facility is wonderful for saving things... I am much, much better at visual memory than bookmarking or other methods.... so the tumblr set up works for me on a few levels... some very pragmatic ones!

Hope you have a lovely weekend to!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Art Sophie : )

iNdi@na said...

thank you Sophie
your post was the perfect accompaniment to my dawn cup-of-tea
on the road again [in Mildura]

Sophie Munns said...

Merci Robyn!
nice to see what you're up to over there!

On the road again India...I'm this the show in Orange coming up?
Good travelling and thank you for stopping for a tea on your journey...

Kathryn Ashcroft said...

Hello there, have been following for a while, but this is my first comment. I really enjoyed this post, there is something about having a glimpse into another person's creative process that is almost like sharing a secret. I love the phrase 'meandering with paint', it sums up perfectly the beautiful times when one has the luxury of just being able to play, to experiment. Those lovely times that seem like indulgance, but actually end up moving you in new or unexpected directions. Happy, content times.
I enjoyed this post immensly. Thank you

blue china studio said...

Love your 2007 collection. Those deep intense blues! sigh

em said...

what beautiful work! i'm partial to the blue pieces. i like this banner too. sorry i've had my head in a hole for so long... i have not felt inspired.... hopefully this will get better.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Jaci...
lovely to hear form you... must pop over to visit... very soon! Blue can hit a certain spot i think!

Hi Em,
monday morning and there's comments from two lovers of blue...How good!
Had a peculiar sudden impulse to change banner and background... so good it works for you.
Was wondering how you were going... and thinking of you and your garden... sometimes we badly need something to bring some fresh inspiration... know that feeling well my friend...
I'll pop over... cup of tea?

nathalie et cetera said...

wow! love the postcards. makes look forward for your new work. i really like Melissa Manfull's work too! Will probably blog it.

have a good weekend Sophie!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nat,
just did a two day course that included a lot of tech stuff... thought of you... have you heard of jing? I stlll want to capture my screen and send you that image!

i've been out for a few days non-stop... will be popping over to see you in Montreal very soon... hope it's warming up over there...
chat soon... and a good weekend to you!