Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My He(ART)-Full Life by Soraya Nulliah: Mother India...why are you killing your daughters?...

My He(ART)-Full Life by Soraya Nulliah: Mother India...why are you killing your daughters?...: "(Shakti, mixed media on canvas, 22' x 30')Indian Woman: you carry India on your back. You are looked upon with contempt, indignation, misund..."

I was just reading this post over at Soraya's blog and I wanted to share it with you ... perhaps you may even wish to sign the petition. Just click on text above to read her full post....

Soraya Nulliah: 3 women
At the end of the post Soraya writes:

Who will talk for these unborn babies? I will. Who will give voice to their unheard cries? I will. Who will stand up for these most defenceless victims? I will. And you can too. Rita Banerji, who started the 50 million missing campaign, has asked me to be a Voice of the Campaign and I will! If you are interested in the same, please find out how here...all it entails is about an hour or so of your time, speaking at a university or college about this atrocity of untold proportion.
*to sign the petition go here
* to find out more about this atrocity go here or here


Anonymous said...

Sophie, You are a champion of causes and should be praised! Keep up the good work. I had no idea.

Sophie Munns said...

I'll have to blame this highlighting of causes on following twitter Mary... although Im following a lot of art tweet sites and eco-related ones... I cant help being sensitised to the global issues.
I'm watching India - there's so much happening there -because I hope to go to the 'Earth university' set up by Vindana Shiva... have written and exchanged emails re this...
You know what happens when you notice more about a place... you notice more still.
India is an extraordinary country.... this is tragic news... and I found it at the blog of Soraya who wrote a passionate post on this... I thought it needed sharing!

soraya nulliah said...

Dear Sophie-thank you so much for posting this on your blog. It is so tragic...I can't even comprehend the magnitude of it-over 50 million girls missing!!! Staggering! I am so happy to hear that you are planning on going to learn from Dr. siva. I just posted part 2 of my interview with Rita Banerji-she studied with Dr. Siva and talks about it in her interview with me! Okay...if you go to study with just have to blog about it so we can all share in the knowlege!!! xxx

Sophie Munns said...

It felt really important to share this story Soraya... we are all loving those plane trips and travel snaps that (if we can afford them) we take - so its important for us to be aware of the ways people live... in the case the women of India!

I was interested to learn last year from an incredibly powerful speaker - an Indian academic - that young Indian women are not having children and each female who manages to have an education ... the impact on those around her (if they dont get this privilege) becoming more empowered is amazing!

Education is critical in a globalised world... it is only more critical than ever because of how things are determined... and where the power lies!

Is this another reason why Indian women dont want to have children Soraya?

Ah... do you say Siva...not Shiva? I will read that interview!

Im not sure when I can take up this opportunity to go to Navdanya... I just know I am very keen and of course will be glad to share the learnings. Its possibkle for people to volunteer their ... do post doctoral work... study tours... what a brilliant possibility!

Will keep in touch!
ps 50 million missing girls is a nightmare we must all take notice!