Thursday, June 3, 2010

events, events and more events....

I dont know about you but there seems to be a lot on at the moment. Someone said to me the other day that when you live in a hot, humid climate it makes sense to load everything on to the calendar at this time of year... its our winter...there are few holidays this time of year and so it is the time when things get very busy...and why not!
Before I tell you about these (local) events I am going to quickly find and post some images that appealed to me this week and you will see why!

...first up...I am going to come along with Mlle Paradis next time she goes to this place....

anyone else coming for the trip? Im not going to tell you where it is...go look here! She has a lot more wonderful places to take us up her sleeve!

....and after that exertion ....

how about this....


or even better really...for all those books waiting to be read.... the perfect spot...


these images come from Robyn at the lovely garden rooms. Pop over now and see more on this delightful (For me just now - escapist) theme!
This window reverie image made my heart leap...perhaps it reminded me of a wonderful home I had in Melbourne over 15 years ago now...or maybe just the aesthetic of absolute rightness about the parts that make this stunning whole - its the kind of beauty I adore in spaces... I want to be there... even though I dont know where is! that I have gotten that part of the post out of the way....get ready to write in your diaries.... if any of you reading this actually live in this same city as me... its social calendar time!

I just looked up the website and it is fabulous.... not only that ... I have a CD of music by this musician that I love and have often had classes draw to it so I am really, really disappointed that I have a dinner to attend this friday night when this wonderful show will be on at the Botanic gardens for the World Wildlife Fund.  w: 

The Extinction Room

The Extinction Room is a solo music performance piece by Linsey Pollak.
It is a sound  piece creating music from the sounds of endangered & extinct animals.
In this performance of approximately 45 minutes,  the audience will wear blindfolds 
and be taken on a journey into the Extinction Room….. a sound archive of endangered
 and extinct species …… the calls of animals that no longer exist……or may soon not 
exist. These sounds cry out to us in perhaps a more immediate and emotive way than 
words can describe. They are a cry from the animals that share and have shared this 
planet with us. This is an audio Library of loss, of despair AND of HOPE…….because 
we can do something about it if we act NOW
This is a solo performance using live looping (a process using real time instantaneous 
recording of each layer of music) playing an Electronic wind instrument that plays  the 
sound samples of animal calls. All the sounds used are animal calls and nothing has 
been pre-recorded……it’s all being created as you listen.

and last but not least:

If you pop over to my studio blog you can read much more on this and the venue... This is opening on June 18th and I will fill you in again before then... I am artist no: 4 in the pick-a-box. This will be a lot of fun so come along you Bris-based people...I'll see you there!

PS still painting but enjoying the process... 10 artists over `10 days... very doable!
S x


blue china studio said...

Love all those places I could potentially visit. It is a long flight from California though! I would love, love, love to sit in that window and read a book while looking out at the garden. Sigh....

Yes, there is lots going on in your parts. Good luck with it all.

Mlle Paradis said...

Hi Sophie - thanks for the little shoutout, glad my pictures came through so good on your site. Yeah, I might just head back over there myself!

Have fun this week. It does sound like a very busy month! But in all the best ways - no?

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Jacylin,
Yes I know that cosy spot for reading is a wonder!
I often see these places I want to click my fingers and visit... so now I pretend I am going to things that Blogosphere friends organise and that way I dont feel Im missing out... doesn't make sense ... but feels better!
thanks for the lovely message!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Mlle Paradis,
VERY wonderful photos they were...I seriously wanted to come with ...I am drawn to places where you can swim - this looks so extraordinary....and those lush mountains with those amazing shapes also spoke loudly.
My younger childhood years were filled with picnic trips to beautiful creeks and clambering around river beds and playing with river stones and whatever I could find.
And what you wrote about the myraid tourists we=ho sat atthe hotels and dont venture out. On the one hand that is environmentally a good thing... on the other it means nothing is ever experienced to move them to care for the environment!
ciao MP,
ps ...YES ....busy but good! Im just not comfortable with the feeling these days that I am forgetting things... and the busier you get that feeling crowds in! otherwise I am probably on a roll and Its good to enjoy that!

em said...

hi sophia, another great collection of images! alas, we are saving money and can only travel within the blogs with our only dau going off to college in fall 2011. so, you asked how hubs prepared the cabbage, he found a great recipe on epicurious: it was really different and delicious!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Em!.
Thank goodness for blog travel I say... when money is not free for such things there's always much inspiration to be found blogging.
And less people flying about is a good thing really.
I noticed in Britain there are actual campaigns to encourage people to holiday at home for that very reason!
Change is afoot with your daughter heading off before too long!
The recipe sounds fabulous Em...thanks for sending the link. Have a great week and talk soon!

ArtPropelled said...

If only I could hop over to see the exhibitions in this post! I would also love to travel to the paradise in these photos as well as the cosy book reading spot to browse through all my new books. I couldn't believe my luck when visiting our local book store. There on the shelf was Etcetera by Sibella Court. It is now on my shelf!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Robyn,
I'd rather fancy that book on my shelf too!
T'would be nice to have a getaway to either of those places for relaxation. I now have to download photos from yesterdays wonderful event...