Tuesday, June 22, 2010

artists, designers,makers, gardeners, seed savers, cooks, conservers, recyclers, poets, children...

 heres the thing
we have a great 
project you are invited
 to join in with....
if you are keen 
we'd love you to send us a
wonderful hand made 
on the theme
"Homage to the the Seed" 
via snail mail very soon...
 maybe your card will be selected 
for a special honour to be sent to you
wherever you are on the globe!

Help help us draw draw attention 

to this global
of huge importance
 in this the UN 
International Year of Biodiversity

* to read this properly click and it will open.

If you have any queries please do leave a message in comments ... or ... email me very soon! This project has been designed to bring in contributions hopefully from far and wide...across oceans and mountains, deserts and lakes, north, south, east and west - as well as around the corner and over the range!! 
The future of seeds is a global issue....something "Postcards from the Blogosphere" will highlight!  I hope  anyone with just enough time to put their signature marks on a postcard size surface and mail it off to me at the Gardens by OPEN STUDIO WEEK will do so! If you find you can  manage to send something without too much stress we will be very delighted!! 

The show will go up at the Botanic Gardens in Mid-July when I have a 'pop-up' artist-in-residency studio event happening that is open to the public over 7 days!!!  

Go the the HOMAGE to the SEED blog to see MUCH more of the entire residency project started in February!

PS...LESS THAN A DAY LATER!! -  already I have had a wonderful response in terms of queries from local bloggers, some southerners (down there near the south pole - well actually - not that far south! ), from different parts of the US and Europe!


Dragonfly said...

What a great idea! I see you have been so busy - congratulations! I'd love to come and join you for tea at the exhibition buy I'm house bound with the new puppy ... and work too of course!!!
Cheers, Karen

Sophie Munns said...

So wonderul to hear from you Karen...wondered how you got on in China...
Im sure if I visit your blog I will see the new addition to your household - what fun! ...go well!

blue china studio said...

I would love to make a postcard! I'll go back and read the whole thing now.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Jacylin...
that would be so excellent if you can make something! This is so new for me! Never tried this before... so its a real adventure...
Thanks for you enthusiasm!

La Dolce Vita said...

Sophie, what is the deadline for this? july 18????

Sophie Munns said...

Dear Cat,

It would be best no later that the 16th of july.... it will go up on the 12th..... but if ones come in late then they will be put up too....and I am going to find another place to exhibit them too... so they will be saved and re-exhibited and documented etc...

and blogged about.

I know you have heaps on and mail is slow from the US....sorry if i am making life difficult.... so busy of late...very keen to receive any small contribution......


S x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sophie: I am thinking about what I will make for this challenge. Meanwhile, I have re-posted it on my blog along with some of your work - hope that brings you some new visitors and contributors to your postcard call. Best, E'beth

Sophie Munns said...

That's so wonderful Elizabeth....
It really helps to have others put the call out and spread the news around... I know that is not much time... but it means the lovely bloggers soon work out if its doable -they either can or cant and there's not room for dallying which may just be a good thing...if the person is like me.... and loses focus with the next thing.
It is a big ask I think ... for people to take time to do this... so any contributions will be so gratefully received....they will be precious! And looked after!

Delighted you are going to come up with an idea...really!
Sophie x

Leanne said...

Oooh Sophie what a wonderful project! I'm tempted to let this little seed develop for a bit in my creative space and see if I can, time permitting, come up with something to contribute. Exciting.

Sophie Munns said...

I would so love that Leanne...Im going to post it on Brisbane Local Food site asap - so my busy friend -anything you can manage to assemble in post card form would be fabulous!

With all that you juggle dont be afraid to go very simple... that will still count! And if its possible to pass this call to bloggers on through your gorgeous blog Id be indeed grateful to keep it circulating!

bye for now!

Leanne said...

Great..sure thing Sophie!
And yes I am going tonight to Food Inc...and would love to say hello. I will keep my eye out for you...based on your profile pic! ;)
x Leanne

Sophie Munns said...

Thats very exciting Leanne...
I shall look forward to meeting you tonight... we'll connect the dots Im sure!
and big thanks for sending the call to bloggers onwards!
Sophie x

nathalie et cetera said...

hi sophie. count me in! i just hope my card arrives on time!
love this project!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nat,

I am SOOO delighted! It will arrive...Im sure...all the way from Montreal... cant wait!
S x

Lucy said...

Taking my shot into the printer this afternoon...and thrilled beyond words to have been invited! XX

Sophie Munns said...

I am so delighted Lucy...the pleasure is all mine!
Your'e wonderful to take time to do this!
Sophie xx

elaine said...

Hello, Sophie.

I just learned about your wonderful art show a few days ago when I read Lucy's blog post about it. Because I'm "up here" in Vancouver, Canada, I'm not able to send a postcard before the show ends on the 18th. However, I decided to join in (I hope you don't mind) by making seeds and seed pods my "365" photo subject this week.

If you're interested, you can view the photos in a set I've created here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/elle-epp/sets/72157624478273220/with/4789780503/

My goal is to add at least one photo every day of your show.

Thank you for doing this. It's very inspiring.

Sophie Munns said...

Elaine that is so exciting... what a wonderful idea and I will add a link to your site for people to look up!!!
Thats brilliant!!!
And completely in the spirit of the 'homage' idea!
thank you!