Saturday, June 12, 2010

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This week if you visited you will have perhaps seen my 4 posts on Maps. Compelled along over several days I was! I happened to visit things magazine - a weblog from the V and A Museum and found they had mentioned Mappa Mundi which I'd put together on their post titled Cities in 3D. Their posts always contain a series of links in many directions... making it a valuable research and browse tool.

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Text from post:

I love sheds, the work of Philip Cooper (via NDG) / artist Sophie Munns has put together a post on the Mappa Mundi, ‘sheet of the world’ / Destroying the Laboratory for the sake of the experiment, a photographic and poetic journey through the ‘England of the Now’, withMark Power and Daniel Cockrill.

They have a brilliant series of weblinks and blogs to investigate. Here's a few!


One blog on their lists I also visit is Moon River and this morning I was drawn to a post in a series she also did referring to Maps over a month or so ago.
This April 28 post is titled Psalm 151 and the text gives an excellent description of the artist Michael Gedalyovich's intention behind the works.I was really drawn to the manner in which these are painted first up .The brush-strokes so evident, the colour such a particular palette - fresco-like, somehow archaic and yet contemporary in feel.

Psalm 151

by Michael Gedalyovich (details views), is a large scale painting (The entire painting is 230x140 cm, oil on plywood). The painting originally is relating to two maps of Jerusalem from the 19th century. one from Austria and one is Turkish, both had their interests in the city. so the maps functioned as a "scientific"' "accurate' depiction but also as a narrative like painting, each empire depicted in the map it's own interests. The artist used both maps simultaneously while creating over the painted space many small scenarios that creates by themselves new stories, new connections, new layers of interpretation, some of them are taken from Sufi paintings, comic books, erotic drawing, war albums etc...  quoted from post.

Michael Gedalyovich, Psalm 151 (detail) oil on plywood, 230x140 cm
"Jerusalem as an object of aspiration, of utopia, the Jerusalem as described in Psalms, is recreated here as a fantastic, imaginative, fictional zone filled with fantastic creatures, Heroes and futuristic yet na├»ve like spacecrafts, some kind of animated kingdom. The book of Psalm in the Old Testamony holds 150 chapters, the painting represent the 151 one##Although for many years scholars believed that Psalm 151 might have been an original Greek composition and that “there is no evidence that Psalm 151 ever existed in Hebrew”, now from the Dead Sea scrolls that is considered that this psalm did in fact exist in Hebrew and was a part of the psalter used by the Qumran community".

TEXT: at Moon River. This blog covers a brilliant range of artists. She is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Mlle Paradis said...

love these paintings sophie! what a find!

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Mlle P...
the paint surface, each time I see it, is of great interest ...and thats for starters ..glad you enjoyed!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like the colors and texture...subject matter is so interesting using images from the past mixed with imaginative in his art making...Psalm 151. WOW! thank you!

Sophie Munns said...

There's a lot happening in this work that is for sure Maryanne.Delighted youenjoyed it.
Seeing those brushstrokes tempts one to pick up the brush!

nathalie et cetera said...

wow Sophie! i'm impressed by your research! love the paintings ! the more you look at them, the more you see.

Sophie Munns said...

yes...thats so true with this painting... how it keeps revealing something Nathalie.
I have to confess to using text from these 2 sites... which I gave acknowledgement for.
The information was so interesting that I definitely wanted to share it...and not just paraphrase...

I do love following threads though.....
enjoy your warm days in Montreal!

blue china studio said...

These paintings are incredible. I can't take my eyes off the last one. I like how the texture lends to the idea of a topography type map.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Jacilyn,
they are really lushly painted and have so much "painterliness" about them... the colours are very particular and yes... I think they are compelling in a surprisingly strong way!