Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Resources? WHat are our most precious resources?

First some pics.... from seed capsules tumblr of course!

 iceblack, via beverleyshiller)

Sometimes i feel like doing this...


“le dérèglement des sens”
 (via Merce Cunningham Dance Company in ‘Roaratorio’ - Review -

Not that I can ... but I have imagination!

Pause to wonder...



Litter (detail)
by Anita Hutchinson
recycled textile art
courtesy of Edge - Textile Artists Scotland
Litter by Anna Hutchinson via Sweetpeapath from  Edge - Textile Artists Scotland
And this extraordinary painterly view...


A landsat satellite image a of a swamp in Russia.
landsat satellite image a of a swamp in Russia. from The RX tumblr

When I moved to Brisbane in 2008 locals were catching every drop of excess water in every bucket they could find the drought had gone on so long. One could almost hear annoyed mutterings about yet another person moving to this State and using their precious water. How dare I?

Well I thought about that and the place I had just left, Newcastle, in the Hunter region of NSW, which had such a good track record with water use because they had been charging for its use for many years and the locals had been careful in consequence. It was also a MUCH less affluent and showy place on the whole... presumably without a huge home, pools and lots of cars on large driveways, water use is less! 

A boom state Queensland had been when I arrived ...and they kept coming till the GFC slowed that down. Last summer the rains certainly did come.  This year so far has been rainy too ....nowhere near as catastrophic in term of deluges...but the last couple of days have brought flash flooding so I was outside in the middle of the night checking drains and moving stuff under the house. Our run-off is from neighbours with drains on their properties that get blocked. So at midnight there I was in the next door's yard with my brother to the rescue unblocking their drain of bark chips so the water could flow out where is is supposed to and not drown us! I was reminded how necessary it is to think and work together if we want the best results for all.

When I came home from my getaway last week this wonderful big fig tree (photo taken two years ago), that takes up half the street, had been chopped back so harshly we were in shock. Its already pruned frequently for power lines and the trucks using the street... huge limbs were now gone...though not once has there been any reason to worry that these stately old limbs were a danger. I was just pleased to hear we weren't the only ones in the neighbourhood horrified by this.

Trees that have taken decades to grow chopped out (or stripped back) in no time! Ive been seeing to much of that around here of late. Yet... paradoxically, because we are next to a tennis court and there are several huge wonderful shady trees on this part of the street, we get many vehicles parking here to eat lunch or rest throughout the day. They come to sit in their vehicles in the shade... buses servicing local schools, removals trucks, tradies... which reminds me each time how invaluable trees are to us... but do we forget this? 

Over at the homage blog I have been reblogging some excellent articles found of late... I know how much you... like me... like to be seduced by all things wonderfully artistic and inspiring...and I guess the homage blog is short on that at times. BUT can I just fly the flag for a stopover at Homage today... ask if you might take a moment to read one of the articles I've reblogged of late. I know some of you pop in when you can... its a darn nuisance really not having a single blog... so I am not wanting to be be greedy and demanding in wanting your time...

simply saying...

I know you all care about theses themes ... and are doing things in your own signature way to make a difference...

so IF you can retweet or reblog for me I would be VERY grateful as the latest posts are all from reliable and news-worthy sources... I am simply being a vehicle... (OK... a little added editorial) for passing things on... so if you can be too I'll be SO delighted!

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I hope you don't need a whisky after this reading ... but you know... its stuff that's gotta be chewed over.
Maybe I'd better find something really good to finish up with!

How about a cup of tea?


Rosemary Valadon
Tea for Two III
stilllifequickheart: Rosemary Valadon  - Tea for Two III


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am on my way out the door to my studio and i will return tonight to slowly drink in this incredibly rich post.I will have a cup of tea with you as I read this again. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sophie Munns said...

Ok... I'm offering Lady Grey tea, Peppermint or a friend's special Massala Chai tea which is truly excellent. Let me know your choice Mary-Helen.
See you later on!
Good working!

Anonymous said...


You just described so many things that have been on my mind!
1. When we lived in Seattle, the summers were always droughty. We never watered our lawn, just let it go brown. I used to gather water in the shower and sink for watering the pots etc. Seemed like a shame to let all that gray water go to waste.

2. This year is shaping up to be scary. We don't have half the snow of last year, and the temperatures haven't been quite cold enough to kill certain bugs and vermin. I am worried about drought and pestilence in the future due to this.

3. After the flood, the water channels changed in our neighborhood too. We have been working with our neighbors to not block drainage paths. Sooo important.

4. And the trees. We must have the same pruning staff here. What are thinking. We are so lucky to have 11 old oaks in our yard. They help keep our house cool in the summer and block lots of traffic noise. Invaluable!!!

Well, I am done with my rant! xo

Mlle Paradis said...

excellent post as always sophie and we are ok (ok speaking for mesel') with editorializing. no i don't need a drink after that list, but yes, a couple days just to read it all! and i couldn't agree more about the need for more biodiversity!

Sophie Munns said...

1. I thought Seattle was a city that rained permanently... got that from the movies!
2. the snow situation I have noticed from everyone in the northern hemisphere reporting that this year.
3. yes... floods ...I remember you reporting that and seeing images on TV. Makes people work together ...sad it takes a crisis first.
4.your Oaks sound fabulous...

Unsettling weather these days is getting us thinking more... but when people hack down trees I always wonder unless I know there is a critical reason for it.

thank you for your thoughts... good painting Mary!

Sophie Munns said...

Mlle P...
always glad knowing your appetite for the editorial... ideas welcome... opinion something to work with or against..whatever the case!
That is so much the atmosphere to be found in London that I miss a little since my return... dialogue batted around on any number of complex arguments with the effect that it is harder to not be made aware of the layers within arguments.
Time to rev up the year for me... push the dialogue along... so your visit and words are much appreciated!

Valerianna said...

OH, I hate how trees suffer from our need for safety.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Thanks for sharing some great art - specially love the litter. I would be so horrified about that gorgeous tree as well. We have a machine that strips everything under the power lines down the sides of the roads. It looks like a giant chomping monster has invaded, everything is stumped and ugly. Thankfully nature is far more resourceful that we are. xox

le bord doré des nuages said...

oh j'aime beaucoup ce tableau de
Rosemary Valadon, belle journée à toi Sophie!