Sunday, January 15, 2012

a little summer excursion...

I have been in my studio till late last night finding a home for every single item thats kicking around that space...if It doesn't belong then it has had to go.

Today I an off to Yandina to visit my lovely niece and her partner, then staying a might at Coolum with an artist friend and tomorrow some of my family will join me for a few days here on this map.

Its only a couple of hours to drive here... so I am pottering around finishing off the studio before I leave so that when I return it will be all ready for the work I have been planning, So good to feel that the space is fresh and I know where everything is!

aerial view of Noosa
I'm staying where I can walk to that long beach in 5 mins... can't wait... and if it rains I'll still be swimming...i can promise you that.

Looking north

Noosa is a UNESCO world heritage listed site... so that even with its being a much visited tourist mecca a strong community has fought for contained development and preservation of national parks and surrounding habitats.

Read about other Australian sites on the World Heritage List.

Well ... I will take my camera and hopefully post on my recent room makeovers as well as holiday shots.

If you skip over to my Seed Capsule tumblr you can see it has been filling up with images during breaks from all these tasks Ive been consumed with at home of late. Its been great musing on what I am going to concentrate on in the studio whilst spending time on Tumblr. Part of my process has always been to search for images and ideas through all kinds of sources during these moments of stopping and refreshing my vision...tidying or redoing the studio. 


(via Leafing through Green Tips to Flower-Power Up Crib | The Beautifulist)

At tumblr the world comes to you , visually, so its been a fertile thinking space during my search through imagery.


note added by sophie munns:
Adore your work Bernd … looking forward to seeing many such works in 2012  and beyond!
This one got me thinking about where I'm off to... loved it.

Now... wouldn't this make a great studio?


San Francisco’s Flora Grubb Gardens’ Wally Woolly Pocket 

Interesting ...


Cordy Ryman
Scrap Wall 2
2010, mixed media studio scraps and Velcro
dimensions variable
Cordy Ryman via  julianminima:

and a little reading perhaps?


When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.
~ Erasmus  #
via uncertaintimes:

Speaking of books...
yesterday I found myself a great breakfast spot in a cafe at New Farm... yes... its a Brisbane suburb that once was just that and now its so close the the city its filled with apartments and cafes! I decided I will perhaps frequent this cafe in the coming months .... its a large breezy space with good niches for writing. I started serious planning work on my next 'homage to the seed' book (she says tentatively!) yesterday whist observing this space... so that's where the idea was born to make it a bit of a working destination for this particular project.

well friends...
have a good week and I will be back with a fresh outlook I hope!
S xo


Valerianna said...

Oh! What a beautiful looking place! Have a wonderful, restful time and take a swim for me. We JUST got snow, and its VERY cold. And interesting that just as I posted my post, your post popped up in my reader. I mentioned you in my recent post.

ronnie said...

mmmm BOOKS (sorry but all other thoughts fly away from me when I spy some boooooooks!)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love has been years since I was there in February. Gentle people with wonderful colorful shops and delicious foods. And yes I do dearly remember the beaches. Lovely...heaven on earth. Enjoy your studio space and the surrounding beautiful community! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Carole said...

Lucky you! The water looks so inviting.
And then you show us books and studios and I'm ready to fly to Australia for the weekend! Have a great time Sophie.

ArtPropelled said...

Oh that water is so inviting! Enjoy!

bicocacolors said...

amazing pics, I really enjoyed!!!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

What beautiful views....enjoy that excursion! Like heart skips a beat when I see a whole view of books like that....oh my! cheers! - P.

Ro Bruhn said...

Ah, Noosa, one of my favourite holiday places, enjoy your stay there. Good luck with the studio sorting.

Velma said...

here today started at 20 degrees below zero and 10 inches of snow. all that blue and green makes me wonder at the incredible earth we both inhabit!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello everyone...
Greetings from up the coast... its raining non-stop... but do I care? No ... its still wonderful being here!
Have a wonderful week won't you!

Mlle Paradis said...

have a wonderful wonderful wet time ragazza mia!