Saturday, January 28, 2012

Order ... then I guess the inevitable!

If you pop over here to the studio blog you can see small low res images of the studio after a clear out and re-organisation.

Weary of the feeling there was no room to breathe it gave me great pleasure to rethink this essentially very small studio space and make whatever changes would resolve the dilemma of feeling crowded.
I have space under the house not suitable to work in but ideal to store large paintings and such.

The computer moved into the window area of the next room with a great view from the bay window. I thought carefully about what could go and that also helped. At the moment I'm doing a lot of small work, mostly working on concertina book formats. Also being planned is a second printed book for my homage project following on from the first which was published late 2010.

Even though I have ideas for large pantings on my mind the book and preparations around that may keep me working small scale for now. I'm picking up work this semester tutoring in Visualisation at the QUT Architecture faculty. Having connected there previously, and finding staff most engaging and friendly, an afternoon a week collaborating with other tutors and students in a very large open space offers an alternative from the routine of solo work at home. Ive had a keen interest in designed spaces over the years, lingering on from an adolescent obsession with designing houses and such. I'm rather keen to put my mind to this fresh departure in thinking.

And what is this you ask...
          some might recognise it as a jacaranda seed!

I spent some time drawing one under the microscope at the Millennium Seedbank last October. I was captivated by its delicate structure... this image is quite a low resolution so it might be difficult to see quite what I'm talking about.

Today at the homage blog I added articles on the KEW Millennium Seedbank as an update... always such a lot to read over there!
       Time to be off now.... Have a good weekend won't you!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Thanks for this look into fresh work space. I love seeing where others are setting up and this space looks great for the small close work you described. Love the pieces of work on the wall as well. Good work ahead!

Sarah said...

It is always good to have a clearout and rearrange. I love your big table and benches. I don't have studio space though I would love it but I have aplastic kitchen table which is great for anything messy or wet(felting!) and can't really be damaged-it is an old pub table. I also have an old art school opening desk with brilliantly spattered top-good for painting and again can't be ruined. Other than that there is the settee for textile type pursuits.
I read you post below about the fig tree. Very sad when old trees are disfigured like this. During the beginning of the building work at school they cut down the biggest tree in my Forest School area and I was so sad. I have come to terms with it now. We are going to use the discs of trunk as part of our new basecamp area whenever the school is finished.

Mlle Paradis said...

congrats on the new tidy study and the new job!

thx for keeping our brains percolating as always, S.!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Thank are such an inspiration to actually getting in there and cleaning up the clutter. I just need to do!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anonymous said...

4 more days until blast off. Whew!!! I really need to put "Make a Concertina Book!" on my list of TO DO"S.

Love your table and bench space. It feels very cozy.

Happy Weekend lady!

Anonymous said...


Just spent four weeks tidying up, sorting and decluttering my space too.

feel like I can think - does it feel like endless possibility now?

Lisa said...

What a beautiful wall of paintings and that table and benches look ready for action. Don't you just love a clean space. It just makes you want to start something new. Thanks for sharing!

ArtPropelled said...

I bet that tidy space feels a lot lighter. It certainly looks inviting!
Tutoring in Visualisation sounds interesting. Hope you tell us more later.

Printed Material said...

I agree with Robyn. I think tutoring in Visualisation sounds fascinating. Could you come back to the UK and give me some? The tidying up looks like the precursor to some feverish work activity but I hope you finish those bookworks first and then let us have a look.

Sophie Munns said...

Your comments have all been wonderful thank you!
... will try responding late tonight... here painting just now... on task and enjoying it!

Maggie Neale said...

Yeah! Cleaned up space and now painting. Hurray, Sophie. the low res images of that seed are terrific just like they are...makes me think painting.