Friday, January 20, 2012

pics from up the coast...

It was a wild old day when I set off on my coastal escape. 

Heavy rain slowed things down ...but I had a lovely afternoon with my niece at North Arm, near Yandina, before joining friends at Coolum for the evening. Next day we found a dry hour or so for a beach walk ...the coast looked windswept but the ocean water was rather tempting as it was warm enough for a dip!

These images are very low resolution ... still getting use to the laptop i-photo. Tried adding them to Flickr and Facebook this morning... I'm only keeping a public Homage to the Seed page on Facebook...  the wonderful followers here at Blogger are  the friends I want to keep in touch with ... I can't quite see how there could be enough time to keep track of the friend scenario over there at FB so I have not gone that way!
As for Flickr ... well I am a slow learner over there... nothing much happening yet... thinking about a new camera at the moment. Anyone know of a fail-safe camera for dummies... I really have little interest in gadgetry...i like on-off buttons,,, point and click. Well ... I do like being as artful as possible with framing things... but the technology for recording the image.... simple please!! 

Coolum .... steps up from one of the many small beaches.

When we settled in at Noosa on Monday afternoon at our accomodation it was bucketing down. The pool was steps away, a private jetty a little further along... and where were we? Inside with our noses to the window staring out.No... it wasn't that bad!!

 A trip to Organika for a few supplies and coffee (+ to check emails) was highly worthwhile, in large part because I discovered that my fav bookstore/gallery (that had been next door) where I had a show early in 2010 has relocated to Melbourne where its doing well ... situated close to the State Library in the heart of the city. 
Organika in Wyeba Rd, Noosaville
Embiggen Books previously next-door to Organika in Noosaville...
Warren and Kirsty at Embiggen's first wonderful home - next to Organika!

I just found a great blog post on the new Melbourne store... so if you get to/live in that fine city be sure to pop in! And here's a photo (below the map) from the blog post. 

Embiggen Books on little Lonsdale St in Melbourne

the Melbourne store

Back to the getaway story....

It rained heavily day and night Monday... and when I woke at 5am next morning I was itching to go explore. Despite grey with heavy clouds it was definitely not raining outside. At 5.30 I headed out with an umbrella and a little cash hopeful to find a coffee spot after my walk.

I came across this tree after hearing a quite amazing cacophony ( will send pics to a botanist friend for the name of this tree) coming from its blossom-heavy branches. Excuse my low res pics... can you see what was hiding in this riot of yellow?

Not just one... but a whole host of what I think were Rainbow Lorikeets. If ever there was need of a good photographer to capture this sight of a tree laden with delighted birds after the heavy rains... feasting on the nectar from these blossoms.

I think I passed two others on my walk along the beach. I guess everyone was tucked up asleep... you'd have thought the town completely deserted on this morning ... a rare sight over summer in this popular place I must say!

and yes... I did find a place that opened early... I was here by 6.30am and as you can see getting a seat was not an issue! The morning paper from Brisbane was gloomy about possible flooding... but then it was the 12 month anniversary last week for those who'd been through a particularly harsh summer of floods in our neck of the woods. 

another cafe view... 

Just about home from my walk it started raining again... luckily my spotted brolly, which I picked up at an Op shop in Cornwall last October, was on hand!

I managed to get in a swim everyday ...  and found cafe's with wi-fi. I'd brought along my inks and brushes here ...  and as getting to the end of a busy day I was left to occupy a corner seat for a long stretch!
Berkelouw Books (and cafe) has long been a favourite of mine so I was so pleased to discover a few years ago they'd set up in Queensland at 87 Memorial Drive, Eumundi. 

This is a cotton paper book Ive been working in of late, playing around with the possibilities this paper offers. A basic mono-print below ... pressing onto the page that has been applied with paint straight from the tube.

my watch from the November Paris excursion... no... i didn't apply it with paint and press!

This concertina book I started at the KEW MSB in October... I find it interesting to keep adding and altering images at whim! There is something about this format that so suits mobile art-making.

MORE IMAGES of this work at STUDIO ARCHIVES blog ...posted also today!

Just noticed one of Berkeleouw's Sydney stores has this wine bar below.Now that's an idea!

Page-turner ... patrons relax with wine in the inviting surrounds.

The river-frontage of where we stayed was very peaceful. There were kayaks we could hire... perhpas a trip back here sometime when its sunny!

This amazing plant contains so much detail...  where to start drawing?

Yesterday before heading for home we stopped for a coffee... loved this very homemade fruit scone!

This chair perhaps will be waiting for me if I return... next time we'll hope with clearer skies!

Well... there's much to do now... its been a wonderful time away and I'm ready to hit the studio... so more soon!
Have a good week won't you!


Julia said...

Beautiful photos! Such a great visual delight this blog is :)

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ArtPropelled said...

I feel refreshed after walking with you through this post. Glad you managed to swim even with the rain. Love the possibilities book you are working in.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Glad I stopped in. Love the header photo and all your wonderful outdoor spaces to sit, sip a coffee or a glass of wine, write, draw, play, looks like heaven there. The cotton book is quite fascinating,, love accordian style and what you are doing with it just moving in your juice. xox Corrine

Mlle Paradis said...

too bad about the rain - what a lovely getaway. i also love the monoprints, the european booty, and the tree full of lorikeets - hmmmmm and what else? oh the accordion workbook!

thanks for sharing with us Sophie. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I feel refreshed too! How lovely to see the beach, smell the salt air, and see all the lovely sights.
Coffee and paints is a good combination!

KBPortraits said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I am pretty jealous right now too, since it looks like you have nice warm weather and I am up in Canada in the snow and right now it is -14 degress C out!!! Wish I could be wherever you are instead!

Velma said...

sophie, thankx sooo much. i'm in the deep freeze and it's a treat to feel this warmth!
i will tell you this: i am a digital dunce and my little canon powershot sx110 has been amazing, i can do easy stuff and ignore the rest. don't know if they make it anymore, but surely there's a similar model. the worst thing--no viewfinder-- but the screen thingie is pretty big. i get reasonable shots even at night outside.

Sophie Munns said...

so glad you could pop in!

a possibility book... now there's an idea to think about!
Certainly was great to have this time away!

lovely to hear from you... yesterday I really noticed how much I missed having those options... the "where will I go today?" choices. YOu are right about that.

Mlle P,
Thanks for your words... it was a vivid few days... plenty of colour despite grey clouds. The perfect break somehow!

yes... coffee and paint. Liberating to make something happen at a table in an unfamiliar place.
It is good to push beyond the ...i haven't got enough space, time, whatever... and just do something.

can imagine is hard to view when things are THAT cold. My experience of your version of cold is nil! Keep WARM!

Thanks for popping in all of you... early Saturday morning here and I can hear the birds outside... the sun is well up ... so must I be very soon!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

As I said a few days ago...Noosa is a spectacular place for an artist to rest and restore spiritually. I love the mark making in that cotton paper notebook...simply lovely. It is very cold here today and we have a quarter inch of ice covering my landscape. I really miss Noosa this time of year. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Carole said...

Oh Sophia I have to admit I feel jealous!

Sophie Munns said...

your tip about the Canon was in line with another I got this week... plus I read about a big tech fair in Texas or some such place where a new Canon powershot had some excellent improved features and is a winner in its class.
I used to have a Canon and had a much better time with it than I am with this one....
so i will look into it some more thanks to you!!

Mary Helen...
how amazing you came here. No wonder you have a vivid sense of what you are missing whilst in the freezing mid winter where you are!
Keep warm won't you!

Up there in Canada I guess you have good reason to be missing the sun and warmth at the moment Carole...
Getting out of town certainly made me feel more alive after being in this relaxing environ.

ciao all!
S x

nathalie et cetera said...

it seems to be a nice trip after all. lovely places you visited. and these books of your are fantastic!

it's always such a pleasure to drop by here and be transported in another world free of cold and ice :)