Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tea anyone?

From a post titled Rust jewellery at Tales of a Junkaholic blog found at Pia Jane Bijkerk's wonderful blog.

...and this lovely shot from a trip to Isle of Wight... go take a peek...

I have posts waiting and photos to download first...this was a bit of whimsy between tasks... its my go slow week!


Mlle Paradis said...

lovely images sophie! i will tuck them under my eyelids and take them to bed with me!

Sophie Munns said...

Funny you should say that... just has an afternoon nap MP. trying to get myself back to sleeping properly and all that!
sweet dreams,

La Dolce Vita said...

love the tea cup! just a darling combination! hope you are well.. I am just back from Taos, and working on an
antique show this Sunday, no rest for the creative!! LOL!!!! xx's

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Cat...
you are so busy...
Loved your work for Taos....really fascinating and quite another world for me to encounter.
Go you busy woman!
S xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sophie! I am in love with the fabulous responses you have received for your postcards. All the artists have really been so generous and creative. I hope you realize my painting Seed Talk is dedicated to you and is inspired by your seed studies and commitments.
Best to you and congratulations on all your activities!!!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Elizabeth,
lovely to hear from you... thanks for telling me... I have a quite a few postcards still to add to the blog and some perhaps still coming... so i will add yours for sure! It looked wonderfull when I visited your blog!
Thanks for all you're wonderful feedback and thoughts... will try to get those posts done asap.


J'aime beaucoup la légèreté et la poésie qui se dégage de tes photos.


Leanne said...

Hi Sophie.
So glad you are having a well deserved slow week. Love that cup of tea also! Is that a lizard twisted up on the side there too or are my eyes deceiving me?
Re the know I had completely forgotten about the whole *prize* side of it! And thinking about it now I'm sorry I don't envy you at all. What a decision. But you know, for me, being part of the *whole* and seeing all that beautiful and individual work threaded together into your space there was blessing enough, as I'm sure it would be for everyone else as well. xx Leanne

Sophie Munns said...

Thank you Roger...i do love the wonderful mages at your blog!

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Sophie,

I am very surprised that things are slow for you, as I feel you are always in high gear, but after the show, it is good that you are getting a little rest.

I love the tea cup idea with a plant, Now I just need to find the right used tea cup and plate at a second hand store.

Congratulations for having surpassed the one hundred mark of followers.

Warmest regards from Northern California,

Sophie Munns said...

glad you feel as I do... Now I am even thinking of creating a blog for the postcards because some are still keen to send them... it is about the seeds.... most importantly we are bringing attention to our seed heritage and it gives a place for individual reflection on this.
as for the cup... wonderful isn't it... and if you visit the blog you will see that this is a prop for jewellery... hence the lizard... the most ingenious images from a Londoner making and selling interesting jewellery.!
thanks for your thought on this,
Sophie xx

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Egmont,
lovely to hear from you. Appreciated getting your wonderful message the morning it opened... It was a big week -requiring 2 days just to get everything back home and tie up some loose knots.
Really needed to rest like you wold not believe... well you would!
Today I had plenty to do but - joy of joys - a dear friend who had a baby 7 weeks ago (and for one reason or another we never had connected) surprised me with a visit at lunchtime and all tasks fell away and I spent hours with the babe tucked under my shoulder and chatting.... my whole mood shifted around this precious little one and there was nothing to do but watch and sigh in wonder and pass the time peacefully ! That brought such a deep quality of rest...
Oh yes...isnt that exciting over the 100 mark....
hope you find a cup..utterly charming indeed!
have a lovely weekend Egmont... talk soon,