Thursday, July 15, 2010


'Sown' is borrowed from the title of a post written by Leanne at Homemade Rainbows - a Brisbane blogger who came to visit at the Randall Studio at Mt Coot-tha yesterday. Her blog is a delightful tale of living well and productively in sync with the natural world and finding beauty in the everyday world that is around.

an image from Leanne's blog

Her young children are growing up in this wonderful ambience of mud pies, camping trips and home made dinners. The kind of childhood you wish for all children essentially.
Leanne came along with son and her sister in tow and we had a wonderful time exchanging notes whilst drinking lemon myrtle tea.... made from leaves straight from the tree (and yum... it is good!)

She delivered these gorgeous postcards which I did photograph last night along with a series of other new arrivals from lovely bloggers (sorry everyone...I am burning the candle at both ends at the moment and am slow to download then post!) I will add more photos of these cards soon...maybe closer up...the top one is so detailed! Its stitched and on the right has layers of fabric sewn on the card... and a doily with seeds made of black cotton stitching. The quotes on both are memorable and I was so delighted to become custodian of these cards and meet their maker!
Leanne also took this photo of the Studio entrance .... if you go back to her blog's name up the top you can read the whole post if you wish! I was so touched by it and I'm reminded of the powerful gesture that can be made by one to another when the the small things are noted and appreciated. In the same gracious way Leanne gives ordinary things their true value at her blog she has cast also this appreciative eye on all that has been assembled in homage to the seed.  Much appreciated Leeane.

Today also brought its fair share of wonderful people... much to share of the week to date. Kind support from friends, meeting with new people... and at 1pm today a special event that was very well attended with a great audience and question time. Jason Halford is Principal Seed Collector and Technologist with the local Seeds for Life project running in conjunction with the Millennium Seed Bank Project and he presented "stories form the field and lab" over a couple of hours. 
During time spent at the Lab which is on the grounds here where I am conducting the residency I have been present for a great many stories and discussions I was keen to have this event take place for several reasons... most importantly for the profile it gives to seeds and the project and the issues that are raised from that. I have taken photos ... but will supply them later. I have found myself nodding off a number of times attempting to complete this post... so I will excuse myself for now - cant wait to get back with the promised photos!

Go to the 'Homage to the Seed' blog for more of what's on!


Mary Zeran said...

Gosh! I wish I could be there for the whole thing. It sounds fantastic! We have that simple life here in Iowa as well. I didn't realize it until I returned from the BIG city. It is so nice to slow down.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Mary,
It has taken a few days to get everything set up just how i like it and get into the rhythm but I think it is offering people an experience to enter the space
...and with the garden's surrounding hectares to wander around and soak up the environment is is a good contrast to the city experience.

Leanne said...

Oh Sophie, Thank you but totally unneccessary! This post touched me so much...truly humbling. It was such a treat to visit the *studio* and have so many exciting things to see and discover...and yes you are absolutely right, BIG thank you must go to the lovely Marilena for everything we would have missed had she not been there with her lovely hospitality also and enthusiasm! and Diane too for answering some of my bee questions.

What a success this week has turned out for you...I hope you are just thrilled. x

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Leanne,
i just remembered I had not responded to you... well I did ... over at your blog!
I'm still catching my breathe...and yes...what a week amy people ... so many conversations... all
vital and engaged !
people have a stake in seeds ...all people.. so there was a different level of engagement than usual.
so glad you could come along and we met...
see you before long hope!