Thursday, July 1, 2010

and now for some diverting finds...

Up to my neck in tall lists of tasks... its break time... so out for a walk and a coffee ... then back to the grind. Before I go... take a look at these whimsical finds...

First up .... a wonderful taste of Paris discovered at Paris Breakfasts which features a post titled An-Eclair-A-Day Diet. Tempted? Then click above on the title and go see for yourself! I enjoyed very much the humour of the posts at this wonderful blog - and its not just about eclairs. Quite the place to visit for a light-hearted diversion! I was trawling late last night and forgot where I found this... Ooops!

One of the pattisserie chefs shared at this sight was the Japanese talent - Sadaharu Aoki. Here are 3 images of his creations.

Wow... the mind boggles ... Macha green tea is used extensively in his creations... love the colour!
Below: A Macha Tea Opera Slice with chocolate filling.

and chocolate with Macha:

We were rerouted over to Christophe Adam where some spectacularly unusual treats awaited!

L'éclair Lisse - Caramel au beurre salé par Christophe Adam

.Crise-de-foi_christophe adam(3)

Mouton givré

Mmm.. this looks curious...but apparently edible!
see ... I did tell you! ...and did you see the rainbow coloured eclairs?

and somehow I found my way to Paris by Appoinment Only where I read about Paris Food and Wine Safaris conducted by Wendy Lyn. This story really grabbed me;

Wendy tells a brilliant behind-the-scenes story about how Dr. Debauve, the royal pharmacist to Marie Antoinette, was asked by her doctor to hide the Queen’s meds in something sweet (she did marry at fourteen, remember).


He “started goofing around, putting medicine in chocolate along with rose petals, earl grey tea, honey, orange blossoms and rolled them into shapes,” says Wendy. They were such a hit at Versailles that they had to be hidden in hollowed out books in the library to keep the staff from stealing them. Which lead to another problem: them melting together. So, the chocolate box as we know it today is actually the pillbox of yesteryear: a way to keep the Queen’s gout and flu medication separate. Go figure!"

I'm off for coffee now... and no...there's nothing quite like Paris where Im off to... I'll just have to dream about those Macha Tea Opera cakes!

Although there is a rather special place ...but that's not where Im headed!
Have a good day everyone...
It was great to put aside the lists for a while ... thanks for your company!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Interesting story of the beginning of boxed chocolates!

Sophie Munns said...

Rather fascinating Maryanne ...
and of course it had to be Marie Antoinette!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

oh la la, for those chocolats!
i think mjam, even while i'm no chocoholic, but the eye gets such a treat here... thx!

Sophie Munns said...

Glad you were lured into commenting ... thanks for visiting Woolf! v