Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 18....the last day...

Its been an extraordinarily busy week and one which has played out like a filmic assemblage of diverse experiences and conversations... !
Botanic Gardens of course attract every kind of visitor from far and wide! And they came! People recounted tales of foreign shores and wondrous plants and places.
Just quickly I will add a few more images... under this poster for tomorrow's afternoon event. I have to apologise for abandoning the usual mix of posts... partly there's been no time and partly there's been too much to report on - and wonderful postcards to add! Also the blogs have been the place some have visited to read what's on... so they are serving as a bulletin board.

Next week will get back to normal slowly ... and I may even have time to trip around visiting others blogs and see what everyone has been up to. Shall look forward to that I must say!

If you are local and can make this event above... do come along and say hello!!

Now to the lovely bloggers/card-makers whom I'm pleased to introduce here....

One morning Jay Dee Dearness came in to visit and spend a little catch up time ...only to find us flat out getting ready for an afternoon event. Before long she was industriously employed adding  postcards to the wall... including her own... and all I can say is a huge "thank you Jay Dee...your timing and effort was impeccable!!!"

More from the Private Party! by Myrtle Street Studio.

Jay Dee at her Opening night of Myrtle Street Studio.

Private Party - Part 8 by Myrtle Street Studio.

Jay Dee earlier this year opened her very own Artist Run Space in Brisbane which you can read about at her excellent blog Myrtle Street Studio. Jay Dee works in photography and various printing mediums.... and the new set up is I well imagine a printers paradise!

Below is her wonderful hand drawn postcard (with watercolour) which arrived in the mail early this week... one of the many she graciously arranged on the wall on her visit!

Below: Now for a special postcard from Los Angeles... from the effervescent Mlle Paradis.... this card had to be photographed closed then opened to appreciate its delightful construction. The top layer was of tissue paper... delicate yet bold! Each time I look at it I cant not think of Henri Matisse. Perhaps the free form colour paper construction element to it... a certain "frenchness" that seems to lodge in my mind... rightly or wrongly!
She sent others too which I shall delight in posting  later!

This was a photograph I loved that the lovely MP worked from! Posted on her blog June 24... go visit her at the city of angels ...Im not the only person delighted by the vivacity and yet cool and quiet observations that catch you by surprise when you least expect it! And often in a comment she leaves with you! This girl has a knack for the words that say with you! 

More postcards have been added since this photo was taken!

This beautifully wrapped and poignant postcard is from Julia at Verdigris Rose in Melbourne. the back is just as appealing... but I have refrained from exposing the address of Julia by posting the photo! Bi thank you julia... many have commented on the idea behind your card and the way it is presented.

Also from Melbourne below:

I love Lucy's blog... nourish me. It does just that whenever I visit... go look through her'll see what I mean!  Love pomegranates too... this recipe looks divine! And words... Lucy has a way with them! THANK YOU LUCY!

... and whilst on the theme of pomegranates Ro Bruhn who hails from the Dandenongs in Victoria delighted visitors with her vibrant pomegranate juice colours and tactile print on deliciously thick paper! You may have noticed I am taking quite a lot of time to post all these wonderful cards... well... I just think they are so lingering over...and the makers are all to be praised for bringing so much vibrancy to the week in the Randall Studio.
The audience is very impressed by the beauty of the gesture... the sharing aspect of this show. I think people need to be reminded of this fine aspect of human beings ...this capacity for allowing enthusiasm to spill over... and for turning concern with an issue as big as the future of seeds into a celebration of the abundance of nature we have access to!

I still do have more to share... but... on account of the evening growing late I shall sign off and take some rest... big last day tomorrow.... and fter what was a huge day today! If anyone reading this visited this week I send my best wishes... and to all who popped my call out onto their blogs, wished me well for the week or managed to do the slow mail thing..... and dazzle us with their artfullness   THANK YOU!!!
S x


Mlle Paradis said...

sophie so exciting and so lovely! what a great response you are getting! and wonderful to see them accumulating on the wall. thanks for being so nice about my 'humble efforts. all i can say is: aw shucks! continued bon courage for getting this all to "fruition" and then of course as soon as possible after, put your feet up and treat yourself to something nice!


ArtPropelled said...

That's quite a wall of postcards you have there! I'm wondering what pomegranite honey tastes like.

Sophie Munns said...

huge week...but watching people swoon at all the colour and life in the various parts of the show...then read about Monsanto or have something similar explained...seeing the light bulbs going off has been amazing.
Over and over people got indignant that the birthright of free access to seeds was being jeaopardised or taken many had no idea.
Of course an artist wants to see their paintings being appreciated and aquired... but really those light bulb moments were priceless ... many of our audience have not been "the already converted" and the preaching was instead the work of 'revealing' and done through artful sharing.
YES...will be putting feet up soon!
Yesterday we had children drawing and an artist or two adding their postcard to the wall... they have all LOVED the postcards...and the fact of where they have come from!
chat soon...
your trip looked fab!

Sophie Munns said...

Your Amulets post was amazing Robyn...
It was really worth while doing the postcard show...has no idea what would come from it.....but dignified this tiny and humble part of our universe in a way that has quite affected some people.
We've found people started to get that something was going on in the room that was not meant to be passed through in 3 minutes.
We have effectively set up about 6 o 7 stations that are pause for thought and dialogue. Then a coffee or tea is purchased and the large central table becomes a scene of exchange.
There's room for people to respond... these something for them to be met with their response.

We'd hoped for this...and it has unfolded...
Huge thanks for that brilliant promo you offered on your blog so generously Robyn...many visitors came by!

Leanne said...

The postcards look fabulous on the wall Sophie. I would have loved to have been in, especially this afternoon but unfortunately this weekend work has dictated otherwise with two long 12 hour days. I truly hope it went fact I have no doubt it did...can't wait to read all. And yes perhaps the feet up and a big glass of something delightful is indeed in order tonight. x

em said...

wow, how i wish i could have been there! what wonderful works people submitted!

Sophie Munns said...

People loved your images of the potager and the postcards Em.

But for us here in the sub-tropics the gasps over the snow in your gardens were constant...people were amazed, delighted and in awe of the 4 seasons in your potager!
So wonderul to have your images up there on the wall al week whilst busily going about work in the studio...
it was like you were here Em!
S x

DragonflyLanternshop said...

Wow! So much going on. Hope you get a chance to take a little break soon :-)

Thea said...

HI Sophie, wish I had time to check it all out - it looks like you have done an incredible job. It's fun seeing a collage of works from various artists.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Thea,
lovely to hear from you... I'm in that post-manic busyness stage were you wonder where all the energy came from...
It was a delightful response on theme for the mail art show ... and still to write to Jay Dee to thank her personally for help getting these up when I was running out of puff!
life looks very busy for you ...all going strong.

Lucy said...

Look so good, all together there! And I'm so pleased to hear it all went along without a hitch. Marvellous, Sophie. Rest up now! XX

Sophie Munns said...

Great having your card with the wonderful writing on the back Lucy...
lots of admirers oohed and aahed when they found the recipe.... ever since I've noticed similar ideas for honey... didn't register before then at all somehow.
Always great ideas from Lucy!
Im pretty wiped out this week... just getting vaguely interested in clearing up the chaos around me at home... you know the story... one pushes and pushes and then suddenly you are spent...!
still the sun is shining... music is playing see the new day appearing with promise before me...
thanks you for al the good wil and warm wishes Lucy..
S x

Sophie Munns said...

Hi (dragonfly) Karen ...I just noticed that I had missed your message but then I dod pop over to your new blog...all go at your place...thanks for popping in...
loving the downtime!

Ro Bruhn said...

So glad the show was a success Sophie, you put on a wonderful display. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to be a part of it.

Sophie Munns said...

Dear Ro!
I am SO delighted you joined in with this show... it was an added layer that brought so much dimension to the week! ...and to the blog as well!
Just wonderful...thank you!