Monday, March 28, 2011

Time for a cup of tea with me?

Monday morning.... got time for a tea?

this does look good ... mint tea found at lovely tumblr site: black-pool.
(via black-pool)

also from Black-pool....perhaps a slice of this with your tea?


(via Nikole Herriott)

Ecelectica like this item below prevails at this tumblr as well:

black-pool - click here!

I track that image of 'pollen of snowdrop' to  t. van gieson's photostream and am delighted to find a plethora of interesting sets to explore but go here:

glass octopus by t. van gieson
the glass aquarium by t. van gieson
portuguese galleon by t. van gieson
whaling by t. van gieson
british algae by t. van gieson
sea weed by t. van gieson
 by t. van gieson
sawfish by t. van gieson
gift from the sea by t. van gieson
map of the persian gulf by t. van gieson
 by t. van gieson
coastal scene: morning by t. van gieson
octopus marmoratus by t. van gieson
octopus levis by t. van gieson
globigerina by t. van gieson
avalokitesvara sutra blockprint by t. van gieson
goldfish by t. van gieson
arion's sea journey by t. van gieson

and click on this one:

File:Anna Atkins algae cyanotype.jpg
Anna Atkins- algae cyanotype

and go to Wikipedia to read more and use their image!

Then back to Black pool where I notice an image of painter Xenia Hausner's colour palette:


Painter Xenia Hausner | via Freunde von Freunden
click here

and this one.... Cy Tombly's desk:




David Seidner, Cy Twombly’s Desk
click here

Then I went to this image which I added to my tumblr:



pigments. - Wild Horses
Seed Capsules

and this one:

Seed Capsules

and by checking in my tumblr archives I remembered this:


(via a billion tastes and tunes: Valerie Hammond)
Valerie Hammond

This took me to the blog - A billion tastes and tunes - where i got to see more fascinating work by Valerie Hammond.

Quoted form A billion tastes and tunes:  The beautiful lines and textures of Valerie Hammond's work. Images from Design*Sponge posts, here and here, and from the Carrie Haddad Gallery.

Well .... hope you enjoyed that cup of tea... off to paint now... good week all!


Claire said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these.

Sophie Munns said...

so glad you came by Claire...

Anonymous said...

what a huge surf you had..

I like the vintage seed examples, ink written with the date..

and this work with hands and flowers and veins... yum.

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Grrl....
really amazing those old samples aren't they?
Really did end up surfing for a goodly time yesterday ... hence the finds this morning! I dont know about you... but i cant always tell when inspiration will strike... sometimes there's nothing that flicks the switch ... curious how out of the blue it can be.

I hope you went to the site to see more of this work by Valerie hammond...I can really see you enoying it!

Nice to have you over for a cuppa!

Carrie said...

I really love that work by Valerie Hammond. Thanks for introducing me to it.

Sophie Munns said...

... I saw the first one of Valerie's the other day and just discovered further work this morning which was a wonderful discovery indeed!
thanks for visiting Carrie,

Anonymous said...

Some wonderful images over on that "of the sea" set on Flickr, and Valerie Hammond's work is intriguingly beautiful! Thanks very much for the introductions… and the cuppa :)

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Suzanne,
so pleased you could drop in for a cuppa! Love all things 'of the sea' too! Glad to have chanced finding Valerie's work ... your words 'intriguingly beautiful' are spot on!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Wow Sophie, what a treat. I only wish I had had my cup of tea when I started. I loved seeing Cy Tombly's desk... & the palette of Xenia Hausner... loved it all. Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed every minute of it!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Sally,
Each time I see that mint tea I get a craving... tea just feels right to accompany these images... glad you feel that too!
Really tells quite a bit seeing the palette, desk or space of an artist doesn't it...
Thanks for visiting ...come back for a cuppa soon!

Anonymous said...

wonderful, inspiring, I will be reblogging tons of these images for my own tumblr site. xxo

Mlle Paradis said...

OH! MY! Thank you Sophie! That was the best feeling I have had ALL day!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Wow, that was one cup of tea? It seems more like 5 or 6 pots to me! It's a visual feast, for sure!

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Mary...
if not for tumblr Im sure I would lose things I like ...and the knowledge of where they were found!
See you over at tumblr!
S xo

Delighted you could pop in for a refreshing mint tea... do come again!
Thanks for sweet comment!

Hi Sharmon,
yes...your right about the pots of tea!... I was blissed out from the discovery of the other work of Valerie. One saves the odd image at tumblr without always doing further exploration... so here it was ... the sum total of the best of tumblr - that is - hooking the good stuff...and the best of blogging ...going deeper...looking further!
Glad you popped by!

Janis said...

What a nice Monday treat - tea, cake, and inspiring photos here at your place. Thanks Sophie! xo

Sophie Munns said...

a gentle start to the week Janis... fresh and inspired,
Nice to hear from you!
S xo

le bord doré des nuages said...

OH là là!!!! quel somptueux cadeau tu nous fait là! un TRES GRAND MERCI!!!

Sophie Munns said...

Merci Dom....
much appreciated... thank you for coming for a cup of tea today!

nathalie et cetera said...

ah Sophie! this is such a beautiful post. thank you for sharing all these beauties. love the hands!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nathalie...
lovely to have you pop in for this little mint tea post filled with good finds from clever people... The hands are wonderful.
Im still thinking about your project... I'm too late I know ... but maybe will surprise you one day!


Hi Sophie,
Thought you might like to go here
where there is an amazing picture of the colours of the pollen collected by bees.

Anonymous said...

Yum Sophie! Love the Cyanotype images - I think you are going to enjoy what I'm up to at the moment with my photographic work re 'Coastliners' xx

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Soenearth,
i had a look at Velma's blog... Amazing! want to look into that a little more!
Thanks for pooping in with that!

Hi Jay Dee...
sounds good... have been fascinated with cyanotypes for a while ...dont see myself getting anywhere near that... shall look forward to seeing what you are up to though!

em said...

maybe one your best posts ever! i'm glad i traipsed backwards in time to see it!

Sophie Munns said...

Glad you came for the tour....thanks Em,