Thursday, March 3, 2011

when we move in who moves out?

.... inspiration comes from many directions for artists.... visit homage to the seed blog to read about a local Brisbane-based artist who has been exploring biodiversity on canvas.

the artist's bush retreat!

As for the post title... a visit to the other blog will reveal more!


Nest Studio said...

Hi Sophie. Hollywood Kevin and Mlle Paradis turned me on to you. Great blog. I can't wait to go check out homage to the seed! BTW, I've heard the food scene in Brisbane is really great. My parents were just there and I have a whole list of restaurants I want to try next time I head down under.

Sophie Munns said...

Liked the philly reno Jessica! Just had a great visit to your blog...!
Love to see your parents list of restaurants ... and thanks for your wonderful comments.
Mlle P is gorgeous and Hollywood Kevin ... I'll have to pop in and see his blog!
ps have you planned an trip to OZ?

Anonymous said...

A hammock and that view would be a nice and welcomed change! xo

iNdi@na said...

could do with a hammock like that right now...

Sophie Munns said...

After the snow and ice of your northern winter Mary I can well imagine this holding appeal!
Keep the thought... and somewhere a hammock awaits!

Yvonne Anderson said...

I want that hammock with that view!!

Sophie Munns said...

I will tell Sharon she could have several takers for that Hammock and view sometime soon
Hope you find and alternative in the meantime India and Yvonne !

ps good to hear from you from across the Tasman Yvonne.... hope you are going well in 2011!