Sunday, March 20, 2011

in case you are wondering...

This information was found at Google crisis response. I came across this site 3 hours ago on twitter and noted the Japanese Red Cross Society has an account specifically set up to direct funds 
straight to the affected areas

They note 25 US dollars is approx 2,000 yen.


Anonymous said...

thanks Sophie! I'm on it and wishing I could do more!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary...

thanks for your thoughts...know exactly what you mean! Since xmas we've had two devastating events here in this State ... followed by the harrowing story of Christchurch .... a place I love and spent time in last year. Events in Japan are on a whole other scale again and our hearts go out...

Ive been really challenged to think what can we offer in addition to /besides money.

I read on the weekend the Pakistan situation since their floods sometime ago is as critical as ever... I realise they were more impoverished than either OZ, NZ or Japan to begin with.

I guess that's why the long post on friday evening ... because I think even if we dont have access to funds to meet each and every disaster that comes along its very important to be aware of some of the things we can do;

-learning what is the most effective support to offer... its not always what we think it is. On friday in Japan there were supplies waiting and no helicopters to deliver to cut off regions... so the action (letter writing etc) of a lot of people to request govts to send more helicopters was as critical as any cash donation.

-seeing and innovating ways to redistribute what we do have for the greater good ... there's a brilliant organisation here in Brisbane started 2 years ago by one person ( GIVIT) that acts as a go-between for donated goods and people in need. When they identify an acute need somewhere they also mail out to their vast list of followers and ask for specifics ... that way they get absolute essentials... not the stuff that no one needs or wants being shipped around!

-keeping the dialogue strong about our planet's most important needs is critically useful... disseminating crucial stories... I give time to that because I'm able and it makes up for funds I dont always have to give.

I truly believe there are many ways to give and we should not fret if the obvious one, being cash, is not at our fingertips ... we can find other ways... and these other ways are world-making too!