Wednesday, May 12, 2010

time out down south... part one


Ferdinando - his story coming soon on the homage blog...

... more on these thongs and where i found them next post!  Sydney was rejuvenating ... and both old and new... more soon!


La Dolce Vita said...

absolutely gorgeous post ... the photo montage are superb and loved all the travel shots too, I guess I just realized that you have 2 more blogs? well I gotta go check them out! how are you my dear! ??? xoxo

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Cat,
lovely to hear from you!
Its been excellent to spend two consecutive weekends in wonderfully different places where i was able to breathe out and enjoy after the intensity of painting day and hight for a deadline and the busiest start to a year in some time!

Thanks for your compliments..I had so much fun going over the photos from the weekend. I've learnt to do that as quickly as possible now to absorb what is there to take on from the weekend... and because each time I go somewhere I find more to connect with re the homage residency work!

For example... it was great to visit the Botanic Gardens in Sydney... but it was quite amazing to explore their website last night as find all the work being done on seeds from various regions and habitats... and that of course links me to a many places familiar from my childhood onwards.... sparking off new thoughts and lines of inquiry!
Hope you have fun visiting the other blogs... my signposting to them obviously does not stand out!

Loved your seed concertina book Cat!
ciao bella,
S xo

Elizabeth said...

Oh Sophie, those Sydney photos are so juicy and abundant that I almost can smell the fruits and leaves and feel the sunshine! What a lovely collection - again, the colors are just scrumptious (can you tell I am a foodie?! Ha!). What a creative and lovely job you do on each post - they are little works of art, too.

Sophie Munns said...

What lovely things you write! Its was curious when doing the Botanic Garden's one that there was such a strong sense of that 'animating force' I referred to in the previous post comment to answer yours.
Rhythm implied -nature as it is - alive and shifting!
these quirky collaged photographs were the only way to share all the various bits of imagery!
"Foodie" is good - I could easily dedicate a blog to that - except there's no time!
It was good to make these images and posts as a tribute to the place!

Enjoy your weekend Elizabeth - lovely to have your visit!