Tuesday, May 4, 2010

propagating in the pineapple state...

I loved this indoor pineapple farm put together by Vicki (an artist you can see more on in the next post). Queensland is sometimes identified with pineapples which grow in abundance in this region north of Brisbane. Ginger and macadamia nuts are also well suited to this climate. I apparently arrived too late to see the dozen(s) of pinapple tops lined up in glass jars on the table. I loved trying to photograph these with my not so trusty camera ... (my intimacy with the instruction book is not significant either!)

Ok I think you get the picture... with or without good camera technique - and photo-shopping skills. There's something about seeing plants taking root like this that I find very compelling!


Mlle Paradis said...

oh hell did i do it again?! left a comment about pineapples and a lovely refreshed site. the beach must have been very good to you!

i'll check back to see what i did wrong or right!

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely to hear from you on this rainy morning MP!
dont worry...I sometimes lose comments when visiting others from clicking the wrong button - usually when I am tired and bed is where I should be!
Its funny how even the thought of going up the coast started freshening me up - this trip involved work only very indirectly! The night before the trip I left those sidebar images of the Glasshouse Mountains and could not help adding images below that of the trip to NZ early this year.
The empty beaches and wide open skies reflected the expansiveness of getting away thats for sure... and of feeling a sense of achievement/relief with getting stage 1 of the year's work together.
The pineapples are iconic Qld and simply great to look at. Vicki had just planted quite a number out in the garden that she had propagated on her lovely table by the window.
bye for now!

em said...

ok, confession time - i've never read my camera's instructions, i just don't have the patience. it probably does wonderful things i don't know about. well, there are a few really nice shots there and the compositions are great. i don't think you need my help at all! i look forward to seeing more photos!

Dragonfly said...

Mmmm - pineapples :-) My in-laws grow pineapples in their garden in Brisbane. So clever!! I'm yet to try this as my thumb is not green, sadly!!
Its fascinating to see them in glass jars like this!!
Have a lovely week :-)

Sophie Munns said...

Thanks Em!
I often think some are more inclined to technical proficiency and remember processes and what they did last time they used the equipment.
And you have me convinced you know very much what you are doing when you point and click!! Your images certainly suggest that to me.

Thanks for the compliments ...I go for the artistic shots even if that means working those blurs and compositional aspects farily heavily...its fun!
And this subject liked very much - thanks to Vicki!
See you Em - off to Sydney...otherwise known as the big smoke tomorrow night! Will take camera!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi (Dragon-fly) Karen!

Lovely to hear from you.
Have been so busy and neglecting my bloggy friends. Hope you are going well... I had this ridiculous idea it would take forever to grow a pineapple and they are such a big plant for one fruit... then I realised recently when a friend Jo was growing them in her yard that they are just as simple to grow and useful as many other things...
so... why not just see what happens...I might learn something that way! I keep forgetting I am in the climate for this... we have an avocado tree out the back and bananas! ...and kaffir lime... room for a lot more yet!
bye for now,
ps yes... the glass jar is the perfect start !