Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Faridah Cameron

I saved the link to this Australian artist's work after liking some images I'd seen some time ago. Consequently where I came across this artists work is now beyond recall but you can visit Faridah Camerons website here and her home page has an email address.

Painting 1

Sane stars. Acrylic on canvas, 12 panels exch 400 x 400 mm

Painting 4

Munus. acrylic on canvas, 1150 1250 mm

Painting 1

Feral Icons. Acrylic on canvas, 1250 x 1150 mm

Painting 2

Rock Pool Starry Night. Acrylic on canvas, 1600 x 800 mm

Painting 12

Eternity Travels With Us. Acrylic on canvas, 1250 x 1150 mm

Painting 2

Acrylic on canvas, 870 x 740 mm

Painting 6

Acrylic on canvas, 900 x 900 mm

Something about the work struck me as quite singular..although it seems to refer to several genres of painting... and I particularly like her take on pattern which is so strong but not predictable. The most recent work is shown first.

Text shown on website: 

Faridah Cameron is an Australian visual artist. Originally from Melbourne, her work has evolved from her experiences in many different cultural environments in Australia and overseas.

Her work with international theatre director Neil Cameron led to the co-founding of a visual theatre company in Queensland in 1993. As artistic director and principal artist she oversaw the design and creation of stunning large-scale imagery for dozens of events across Australia.
Faridah has lectured and conducted workshops in fine arts and creativity in schools, universities and community settings across Australia.
In 2002 Faridah altered the focus of her work to full time studio practice. In her paintings, she explores the complexities and implications of our relationship to the natural environment. Her imagery is underpinned by a longstanding interest in mythology and cultural interpretation.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Thank you for this introduction. I like her latest work...the imagery has a strong pull for me.

blue china studio said...

Thanks for sharing this artist. Her art is spectacular! My favorites are Munus and the untitled one that looks like a close up of a shell perhaps. Lovely.

Mlle Paradis said...

oh yes i see Sophie! yes!

La Dolce Vita said...

wow! Sophie, what amazing work, so very intricately detailed! the stars remind me of doilies and the shell piece is really organic and wonderful! thanks for this I will check out the link...
oh and yes let's do have tea!! I'll just swim over!! LOL!! it would be so much fun to sit and chat wouldn't it?? xoxox

Sophie Munns said...

Hello everyone,
I've woken up so tired (but relaxed) after a great sleep following a long day in the Botanic Library and painting yesterday....
So...I'm still trying to open my eyes properly to the new day as I find your messages waiting - which brings a huge smile to my face... - that and the blue skies outside the window... skies dreaming - the first message I find on this lovely morning - glad you liked this artist's work - You might really like her work for theatrical events too!

Blue China studio - lovely to hear from you Jacylin - She did seem to have quite few earlier works based on shells - this one appealed to me too as the abstraction is spatial and tonal rather before it is an object the way I first saw it. Munus is unexpected a painting ...and therefore quite fascinating.

Mlle Paradis ... glad you see what I am talking about re pattern and so on... it feels like a fresh take on pattern especially...and curious to see the artists work across time... her "seeing" is her own!
talk very soon! Promise!

La Dolce Vita... I think I was still in the mindspace of thosevarious artist's works I posted on Macro-Micro the other day.... there's something of that sensibility in these. Glad you enjoyed this artist Cat... Cant wait till you make it over here... but I would be very happy to come for tea to your studio you know - now that I've see the video... and know where we will sit - at the round table by the window with the framed work in stained glass!

OK...I think I'm awake enough to get going out into the world for the new day...great to hear from you all!


Candice Herne said...

Hi Sophie
Yes I agree Faridah's work is wounderful! I met Faridah a few years ago. I attended a lantern making workshop she held in Brisbane. When I met her she was planning a move to Tasmania. On my recent travels through Tasmania I saw her work hanging in the Handmark Gallery in Evansdale, so she may still be in Tassie. Hope you have lovely tea party in the gardens. Candyxx

Janis said...

I LOVE the first two paintings! Amazing work. I actually took the them to be knitted and crocheted at first... I would love to see these pieces in person to see the "stitching" up close. Thanks Sophie!

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Candy,
how's the traveller going?
Interesting that you've just seen her work down there... and met her up here. Curious thing about moving around how people pop up in different places... or you run into someone you know you least expect to see.
Its been good to have people from various backgrounds booking in to come to the Seed story day...Lots of sharing of knowledge I'm imagining...joined the Brisbane Local Food BLF organisation which is a large community who share information on the web and through get-togethers
and open garden days.
You're probably noticing on your travels down south the interest in organics , permaculture and such on the rise - country Victoria and Melbourne are good for that...Tasmania in my experience too.
ciao bella,
S x

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Janis,
Of course... seeing them up close would be amazing and I could see you paying attention to detail...the stitching. I see hands now I think of you and want to send you images!
Sophia xo

nevin said...

Hi Sophie,

Thanks for sharing this brilliant artist Faridah Cameron. I just look her web. Just beautiful. Thanks again.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nevin,
lovely to hear from you!
Pleased to share this find with you...hope all is good at your wonderful mew venture!

nathalie et cetera said...

so beautiful! will probably link her in my own blog :)

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Nathalie...
Sounds good! Its is very memorable work...!
S x